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How to generate, print barcode using .NET, Java sdk library control with example project source code free download: use .net code 128b writer toadd barcode standards 128 with .net interleaved 25 Summary. In this chapter, you ha ve learned about the different modules that make up the trixbox CE platform and how trixbox CE is different than installing the different components by yourself. We have also taken a look at the history of trixbox since its beginnings from when Andrew Gillis was hacking the ISO installer together in his basement to how Fonality"s support is helping to keep development of the project going. We have also looked at the basic requirements for setting up a trixbox CE system.

We looked at popular models of SIP phones and ATAs and some common softphones. We also learned the difference between FXO and FXS ports and what devices we need to connect phone lines and analog phones. We also learned about VoIP providers and the role they play.

. [ 37 ]. Download at Boykma.Com Download at Boykma.Com Installing trixbox By now you are probably .net vs 2010 barcode code 128 chomping at the bit to get to actually installing your trixbox CE system. You should have all your hardware lined up, a server ready to go, and now all we need to do is install the software.

. Download the ISO image The trixbox CE software .net framework Code 128 Code Set B comes as an ISO image, which is file that is a complete image of a CD-ROM. You can download the current software by going to http://www. The ISO image file is going to be about 670 megabytes.

. Burning the CD Most CD-ROM burning sof barcode standards 128 for .NET tware can burn the ISO image to a blank CD; the thing to make sure of is that you don"t simply burn the ISO file onto the disc like any other file you would copy when doing a backup. If you don"t burn the file onto the CD as an image, it won"t work properly.

If you don"t have any CD-ROM burning software, we will walk through the process of burning the image using the free program called CDBurnerXP, which is available for download at When you first run CDBurnerXP, you will need to click on the Create Data CD/DVD button.

. Download at Boykma.Com Installing trixbox When the next screen comes up, go to the File menu and select Burn disc from ISO file.... When the next screen co .NET Code 128 Code Set B mes up, click on the button to browse to where you downloaded the ISO file to, select the file, and click the Open button. If you have a blank CD in your CD-ROM burner, click on the Burn disc button to begin burning the image to the CD.

. [ 40 ]. Download at Boykma.Com 3 . Once the p code-128c for .NET rocess completes you will have a bootable CD that you can use to install trixbox CE onto your target machine..

Preparing for installation You will n Code-128 for .NET eed a computer onto which you are going to use to install trixbox CE. The installation process will format the hard drives and install a new operating system and all of the trixbox CE software.

. Installing trixbox CE will format ALL of the hard drives connected to the machine, and ALL of the data on ALL of the attached hard drives will be lost. Do not have any hard drive including external USB hard drives connected if you mind losing all of the data that is stored on those drives..

Depending barcode standards 128 for .NET on your system you may either be able to hit a specific key to boot off the CD or you may have to go into the system"s BIOS menus to set the computer to boot off of the CD. Refer to the manual for your motherboard for instructions on how to boot from the CD-ROM drive.

. Installing trixbox CE We are fin visual .net code-128c ally ready to go, we have the trixbox CE CD in the drive; now all you need to do is fire up the computer and boot off the CD. We will now walk through the installation screens and look at the different installation options.

When the first screen comes up, you can usually just hit the Enter key to proceed with a normal installation. If you hit the F2 key, you will get a screen of advanced functions. Some of these advanced functions that you should know are the following: default mediacheck: Using this command will run a media check during the installation process that checks the CD media against a checksum on the CD to make sure your download and burn worked properly.

If you have problems installing the trixbox CE software, you should try rebooting and using this command. sataraid: If you have two SATA drives connected to your system you can use this command to automatically configure software mirroring between the two drives to ensure that your system can survive a hard drive failure. sataraidstore: This command will install trixbox CE onto a 20GB partition and format the rest of the system as a single partition that is mounted as /store.

This is used to set up a trixbox CE system as a phone system as well as a file server.. [ 41 ].
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