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Download at Boykma.Com use visual studio .net code 128c creation toassign code 128 code set a for .net USPS PLANET Barcode 10 . Music On Hold This module allows USS Code 128 for .NET you to create and define "playlists" of music-on-hold files that can be utilized throughout the system. The Music On Hold module allows you to upload MP3 files and to create different categories; this allows you to mix music and custom messages to different people.

For example, when people are holding in a sales queue, you could play music for a while and then play an advertisement for a special you are having, while in the support queue the message could be how to solve the top five issues people have.. PIN Sets Within the system, .net vs 2010 barcode 128 different modules have the option to use passwords or PINs in order to access their functionality. This can be found, for example, with outbound routes.

If a PIN code is set for that outbound route, then the caller will need to enter the PIN number in order to complete the call. The available options for PIN Sets are: PIN Set Description: This is a text description of this particular set of PIN codes. Record in CDR (yes/no): If this is set to yes, then the PIN code will be used in the CDR reports.

This is handy for billing purposes.. [ 205 ]. Download at Boykma.Com PBX settings in detail PIN List: This is the list of available PIN numbers assigned to this PIN Set. Paging and intercom Example usage:. Paging allows you to broadcast a message to a set of phones via the speakerphone on the device. Intercom is almost the same but allows the called party to talk back to the caller..

*80nnn intercom extension nnn *54 enable all ext ensions to intercom you (except those explicitly denied) *54nnn explicitly allow extension nnn to intercom you (even if others are disabled) *55 disable all extensions from intercom you (except those explicitly allowed) *55nnn explicitly deny extension nnn to intercom you (even if generally enabled). [ 206 ]. Download at Boykma.Com 10 . The available opti ons while creating paging and intercom groups are: Paging Extension: This is the number to dial when you want to call this particular group. Group Description: This is a text description of this paging group. Device List: This is the list of devices to be included in the paging group; hold down the control key and click on the different devices to select them for inclusion.

Force if busy (yes/no): If this option is set to yes, then the devices will not be checked to see if they are in use. Depending on the device, this could interrupt the call, or some devices will put a call in process on hold in order to process the page. This feature is only recommended to be turned on when using this paging group for emergencies.

Duplex (yes/no): If this is set to yes, the paging group becomes an intercom group and all parties will be joined into a conference. Default Page Group (yes/no): Each system is allowed a single default paging group. If this is selected, then extensions can be automatically added to this group when creating the extension.

If you make one group the default, it will remove the default setting from any previous group that you had set as the default.. Parking Lot Older phone system s tied all of the incoming lines together to be shown on each phone; this allowed a user to place the call on hold and then yell out "Joe, you have a call on line 2". With a trixbox CE system, you can have so many lines that this simply isn"t practical, so instead of putting the line on hold, you park the call and tell Joe what parking lot number the call is in. In some other systems, this feature is referred to as Orbit.

. [ 207 ]. Download at Boykma.Com PBX settings in detail The Parking Lot mo dule options are as follows: Enable Parking Lot (yes/no): This setting simply enables or disables the parking lot feature. Parking Lot Extension: This is the number you will transfer the calls to in order to park them. Number of slots: This setting determines how many parking lot slots you have available.

If you have eight slots available, then calls will be placed in slots 71 79. Parking Timeout: This setting determines the amount of time to leave a call parked before timing out and returning the call to the extension that parked the call. Parking Lot Context: This is useful when you have multiple companies sharing the same system but should not be changed unless you know exactly what the ramifications of doing so are.

. Along with the sta .net framework Code128 ndard options are a set of options to apply to calls that time out after being parked. This is useful for knowing that a call that is ringing back to you is returning after being parked too long.

These options are: Parking Alert-Info: This setting can be used to set a distinctive ring for many SIP devices; you will need to know what settings your particular device supports. CallerID Prepend: This allows you to prepend some text to the caller ID to visually show that this call is an orphaned parked call. Announcement: This is an optional message that can be played to the caller when his or her call has timed out and before going to the destination for orphaned calls.

Destination for Orphaned Parked Calls: You may want orphaned calls to go to a different destination than the original parker; typically, you may want them to go to a receptionist for further processing.. [ 208 ].
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