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Status using vs .net tointegrate datamatrix 2d barcode for web,windows application Recommended GS1 barcodes for mobile apps The Status page that is barcode data matrix for .NET displayed when we edit the evtsys mapping provides a summary of the event class mapping. Remember, screens within Zenoss are context sensitive, which means that the status overview we see shows the number of events that apply to the selected event class mapping.

The EventClassInst table provides a read-only view of the event mapping rules (refer to the following screenshot). We modify the event mapping rules in the Edit tab..

[ 140 ]. 7 . Edit On the Edit tab, we have VS .NET gs1 datamatrix barcode several text boxes that we use to define the mapping rules (see the following screenshot)..

Our evtsys event class m apping is a relatively simple example. If the details of an event match the text "-- Mark --", Zenoss applies the evtsys zProperties to the event. The following table outlines the available text boxes on the Edit tab.

. [ 141 ]. Event Management Option Name Event Class Key Sequence Rule Description A descriptiv e name for the event class mapping. Maps the event to the event class. More than one class can have the same Event Class Key.

Defines the order in which the Event Class Key is processed in relation to the other keys with the same name. A Python expression that evaluates the current event using the evt environment variable and an event field. For example: evt.

ipAddress == 192.168.1.

132 A regular expression used to match the current event details. Sample event text. Click Save to validate the regular expression against the Example text.

If the Regex command turns red, the expression does not match the Example. Enter TALES expressions to manipulate the event. For example: evt.

summary = Change the event summary". For more information about TALES expressions, see Appendix B. A text description of the mapping rules.

Provides details to resolve the event.. Regex Example Transform Explanation Resolution In order to apply the ma pping to the event class, we need to specify a Rule, Regex, or Transform command. Don"t forget to Save changes when you finish..

Sequence Each event mapping can h ave multiple instances that map events to different event classes, and to demonstrate, we continue using our evtsys event class mapping example. Click on the Sequence tab to display all the available instances of the mapping..

[ 142 ]. 7 . The Sequence page (as sh Data Matrix ECC200 for .NET own in the previous screenshot) displays the Sequence, ID, EventClass, and Evaluation for each instance of the event class mapping. In our example, we learn how we can map events in evtsys maps to the /Heartbeat and the /Win/evtsys classes.

The Sequence number determines the order in which each instance is processed. By default, the evtsys instance for the /Heartbeat event class gets processed first. If the regular expression "-- MARK --" is found in the event details, Zenoss maps the event to the /Heartbeat class and stops processing.

If the "-- MARK --" regular expression is not matched, then the second instance of evtsys is processed. To change the order in which the event class mappings get processed, enter the new sequence and click Save..

Events And History Let"s navigate back to t Data Matrix 2d barcode for .NET he top level /Events class and select the Events tab. The Events tab has the same look and feel as the Event Console.

If we sit at the top level of the /Events class, we see all the active events in the system just like the Event Console. As we navigate an event class hierarchy, the Events tab filters the list to show only the events in the current event class and below. To view the event history for an event class, click the History tab, and like the Event Console, we can filter the events by date range.

. zProperties After an event maps to a .net vs 2010 data matrix barcodes n event class, the class zProperties are assigned. If the event class mapping has different zProperties set, the event inherits the zProperties of the event class mapping.

. [ 143 ].
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