Hidden Sections in .NET Draw datamatrix 2d barcode in .NET Hidden Sections

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Hidden Sections using .net todevelop datamatrix for web,windows application USPS PLANET Barcode The setting Number of .net framework datamatrix 2d barcode weeks/topics determines how many weeks or topics your course has. Each week or topic is a section.

You can hide and reveal any section at will, except for Topic 0, which is always displayed. To hide and reveal a section, turn course editing on and click on the open or closed eye icon next to the section. The following example shows a course creator hiding and revealing section 1 of our sample course:.

Creating Categories and Courses If you select Hidden DataMatrix for .NET sections are shown in collapsed form under Hidden Sections, then the titles or dates of sections that you have hidden will appear grayed out. The user cannot enter that section of the course, but does see that it is there.

This is most useful if you plan to make sections of a course available in sequence, instead of making them available all at once. If you select Hidden sections are completely invisible, then hidden sections are invisible to students. Course creators and teachers can still see those sections and access the resources and activities in them.

. 3 . News Items to Show For Weekly and Topics course formats, a News forum automatically appears in a block on the right side of the course"s Home Page:. The News forum is lik DataMatrix for .NET e any other forum, except that it appears in the Latest news block. Like other forums, the course creator and editor can enable or disable the ability for students to create new topics, and to reply to existing topics.

The Latest news block automatically disappears if you have News items to show set to zero, or if there are no news items (no topics in the forum). Also, the Latest news block can be manually hidden, regardless of this setting or how many news items are posted. The maximum number of news item that the block will show is 10.

. Creating Categories and Courses Show Grades and Show Activity Reports These settings determ ine whether the grades and activities of each student can be seen by other students in the course. If your Group mode is set to Separate groups, then the reports are segregated by group. Regardless of this setting, teachers and administrators can always see the grade and activity reports.

For a course that allows guest access, setting this to Yes usually doesn"t make much sense. Remember that every anonymous, unregistered user enters the course under the name Guest. So having a report that shows the grades and activities for Guest is usually not very useful.

If you want to track how many people tried a sample course, and what parts of the course they sampled, allow users to create a free account to use in the fully functioning sample course. Make this especially easy by not requiring email confirmation when the student registers; instead give instant approval. Now, you can track and study individual usage in the sample course.

To keep these anonymous users out of the courses requiring registration or payment, use a Login Page for those courses.. Maximum Upload Size This setting limits t he size of a file that a student can upload into this course. There is also a site-wide limit set under Administration . Configuration Variables, in the ma xbytes field. The smaller of the two settings: site-wide or course takes precedence here. The maximum you can select for this setting is 16MB.

Words for Teacher and Student Moodle inserts your t erm for teacher or student into its standard messages. For Teacher, you can substitute any term like Instructor, Leader, and Facilitator. For Student, you could use terms like Participant or Member.

. Force Language Selecting Do not forc e enables a student to select any language on the pull-down list of languages. Remember that the languages on the pull-down list are limited by the setting you chose for the langlist field under Administration . Configuration Variables. Also reme mber that only Moodle"s standard menus and messages are automatically translated when a student selects a different language. Course material is not translated unless the course creator entered material in another language and used the Multi-language Content feature.

If you want to show both Moodle menus/messages and course content in multiple languages, see the section dealing with the variable langlist..
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