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2: Getting started at using none tocreate none in web,windows applicationprinting code 39 A quick tour of the fr none none ont page Creating your account How to use the slippy map Interacting with the data Project documentation: the wiki Communicating with other mappers Mailing lists Chatting on IRC Forums Reporting problems with OpenStreetMap software OpenStreetMap on social networks Don"t be afraid to ask Summary.

JasperReports 20 21 24 25 26 27 27 2 8 29 29 29 30 30 30. Table of Contents 3: Gathering Data using GPS 4: How OpenStreetMap Records Geographical Features Data primitives Nodes Ways Relations Changesets Tagging "Any tags you like" "Don"t tag for the renderer" Verifiability. A few core tags Other useful keys Creating a new tag What is GPS What"s a GPS trace What equipment do I need Making your first trace Configuring your GPS receiver Checking the quality of your traces Making your traces more accurate Surveying techniques Making your survey comprehensive Photo mapping Audio mapping Getting your traces into the right format Adding your traces to OpenStreetMap Collecting information without a GPS Have you finished Summary. 32 34 36 38 38 39 40 4 none none 1 42 43 45 45 48 50 51 52 54 55 57 59 60 61 63 64 64. 5: OpenStreetMap"s Editing Applications Potlatch Launching Pot none none latch Understanding Potlatch"s user interface Editing data using Potlatch Using presets in Potlatch Using GPS traces in Potlatch Practicing with Potlatch Learning more about Potlatch Potlatch 2. [ ii ]. Summary. 65 68 68. 73 73 75 78 79 80 80 80 81. Table of Contents 6: Mapping and Editing Techniques Java OpenStreetMap Edi tor (JOSM) Understanding JOSM"s user interface Loading images into JOSM Editing data in JOSM Using presets in JOSM Adding your account information to JOSM Extending JOSM with plugins Learning more about JOSM Merkaartor Loading images in Merkaartor Editing data in Merkaartor Uploading edits to OpenStreetMap Learning more about Merkaartor Summary. 7: Checking OpenStreetMap Data for Problems Drawing and tagging fe atures Drawing area features Drawing ways with loops Mapping residential streets and complex streets Barriers and gates Points of interest Mapping overlapping features Other civic amenities Finding undocumented tags Estimating area features Finished Summary. Inspecting data with o none none"s data overlay and browser Inspecting a single feature Checking a feature"s editing history Inspecting changesets Finding unsurveyed areas with the NoName layer OSM Mapper Creating an area to analyze Filtering and sorting data Creating a view OSM Inspector Summary. [ iii ]. 100 104 105 106 108 11 none for none 0 112 114 115 117 120 120 122 124 125 126 127 128 128 128 130 131 134. 81 82 87 88 90 91 92 9 2 93 95 96 98 98 98. Table of Contents 8: Producing Customised Maps The none for none exporter Choosing an image format Generating image files Embedding maps in a web page Rendering maps on Windows using Kosmos Installing Kosmos Creating a project Adding OpenStreetMap data Adding GPS tracks Adding existing OpenStreetMap maps Customizing the rendering rules Exporting a bitmap Kosmos Console Rendering map tiles using Kosmos Taking Kosmos further Osmarender Getting ready to run Osmarender. XSL processing with XMLStarlet Installing Osmarender Editing SVG with Inkscape 135 136 137 138 140 14 none for none 1 142 143 145 145 145 151 152 153 155 155 155. Producing a map Customizing the rendering rules Writing simple rules U none none sing CSS classes for style Nested rules Creating default rules using <else> More complex rules. 158 160. 156 157 158. 9: Getting Raw OpenStreetMap Data Planet files The main none none Planet site Checking a planet file"s integrity Diff files Mirror sites Planet extracts OpenStreetMap"s REST API Retrieving an individual feature Getting a feature"s editing history Retrieving all features in an area. Summary. 162 167 168 169 170. 174 174 175 176 176 17 7 177 179 181 182. [ iv ]. Table of Contents 10: Manipulating OpenStreetMap Data using Osmosis What is Osmosis Setti ng up Osmosis How Osmosis processes data Cutting out a bounding box Getting data from outside the bounding box Cutting out data with a bounding polygon Using polygon files Creating your own polygon files Using tag filters to produce tailored datasets Simplifying filters Splitting and merging data streams Creating multiple pipelines with the tee task Automatically updating local data from diffs Preparing your system Running the initial update Keeping the data up-to-date automatically Reading the OpenStreetMap API from Osmosis Using Osmosis with a database Installing PostGIS and creating the database Adding data to the database Reading data from the database Applying changes to the database Using an auth file to store database credentials Other Osmosis tasks Summary.
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