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How to do it... use software data matrix generating toadd data matrix in software .NET Framework 4 Just add driver-sp datamatrix 2d barcode for None ecific configuration in your configuration file. In order to support PostgreSQL, this is the way:. db.url=jdbc:postgresql:accounting_db db.driver=org.postgresql.Driver db.user=acct db.pass=Bdgc54S Oracle can also be ECC200 for None configured without problems:. db.driver=oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver How it works... As the JDBC mechan ism already provides a generic way to unify the access to arbitrary databases, the complexity to configure different database is generally pretty low in Java. Play supports this by only needing to configure the db.url and db.

driver configuration variables to have support for most databases, which provide a JDBC driver.. There"s more... You can even go fu rther and configure your connection pool (if the JDBC driver has support for that), reusing application server resources, or check whether changing your JPA dialect is also needed when changing your default database.. Basics of the Play Framework Using application server datasources It is also possibl Software datamatrix 2d barcode e to use datasources provided by the underlying application server, just put the following line in your config file:. db=java:/comp/env/jdbc/myDatasource Using connection pools Connection pools a re a very important feature to ensure a performant and resource saving link to the database from your application. This means saving resources by not creating a new TCP connection every time you issue a query. Most JDBC drivers come with this out of the box, but you can also tweak the settings in your config file:.

# db.pool.timeout=1000 # db.pool.maxSize=30 # db.pool.minSize=10 Configuring your JPA dialect It might also be n Software datamatrix 2d barcode ecessary to configure your JPA dialect for certain databases. As Play uses hibernate, you need to specify a hibernate dialect:. jpa.dialect=org.hibernate.dialect.Oracle10gDialect For more informati Software Data Matrix on about dialects, check out core/3.


Understanding suspendable requests Most web framework data matrix barcodes for None s bind an incoming HTTP request via the servlet to a thread. However, this means that each connection requires a thread, resulting in 300 concurrent connections needing 300 threads. Often, having that many threads does not scale when switching threads.

This means that the computation time to manage threads and grant resources to them in a synchronized and fair mode increases with the amount of threads. Especially, when you consider the fact that most web connections are blocking and are waiting for something to happen in the background, like persisting an entity or executing another web request. This means that you can keep a small thread pool for accepting HTTP requests and have a bigger thread pool for executing business logic.

Here comes the feature of continuations and suspendable requests into Play.. 1 . Getting ready In order to have a simple test, you could create a small application which creates a big PDF report. Then access the URL mapped to the PDF report creation more often simultaneous than you have CPU cores. So you would have to request this resource three times at once on a duo core machine.

You will see that a maximum two HTTP connections are executed simultaneously; in development mode it will be only one, regardless of your CPU count.. How to do it... Play 1.2 introduce s a new feature called continuations, which allows transparent suspension of threads including recovery without writing any additional code to do this:. public static void Software gs1 datamatrix barcode generateInvoice(Long orderId) { Order order = Order.findById(orderId); InputStream is = await(new OrderAsPdfJob(order).now()); renderBinary(is); }.

Of course, the Ord erAsPdfJob needs a signature like this:. public void OrderA Data Matrix 2d barcode for None sPdfJob extends Job<InputStream> { public InputStreamdoJobWithResult() { // logic goes here } }. There is an altern ative approach in play before version 1.2, which needed a little bit more core but still allowed asynchronous and non thread bound code execution..

You can suspend yo Software Data Matrix ECC200 ur logic for a certain amount of time like this:. public static void stockChanges() { List<Stock> stocks = Stock.find("date > ",

fetch(); if (stocks.isEmpty()) { suspend("1s"); } renderJSON(stocks); }. Basics of the Play Software Data Matrix ECC200 Framework Alternatively, you can wait until a certain job has finished its business logic:. public static void generateInvoice(Long orderId) { if(request.isNew) { Order order = Order.findById(orderId); Future<InputStream> task = new OrderAsPdfJob(order).

now(); request.args.put("task", task); waitFor(task); } renderBinary((Future<InputStream>)request.

args.get("task").get()); }.

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