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Further Information About the Play Framework use software 2d data matrix barcode encoder toattach data matrix barcode on software .NET Framework 4.0 Further information Before leaving you alone to t ry, copy, and test all the sources and samples included, you might be interested in some further information. As already mentioned in the foreword, I would like to repeat that you are encouraged to use, copy, paste, change, improve, and of course extend all of the sources here. If you plan to create any module of the examples provided here, feel free to do so.

Contributing is one of the core aspects to a viable open source framework, so do not hesitate in doing it. The worst thing would be no one using your module, which would have been the same if you never released it. As a last hint I would like to point to some links you should know about, if you plan to use the Play framework in production.

. Links The following links feature s ome additional information about the Play framework. It is also a list of interesting articles and resources, which were not mentioned throughout this book, but should help you to get to know the framework better.. Further Information About the Play Framework The Play framework homepage features a short introductory video, documentation, code snippets, binary downloads, modules, and many more.. This link is an aggregator fo r community created content. Such content varies greatly, ranging from small how to"s about a specific functionality to bigger articles explaining the usage of modules..!forum/play-framework The Play framework"s Google g roup is the most viable source of information. Be aware that this is a high traffic list, featuring far more than 1000 mails a month. Do not hesitate to ask questions as there are lots of active actors on the list.

. Stack overflow features in a lot of questions about the Play framework, more than 250 currently. If you need to take a look at the source code, check out Play framework on GitHub. There used to be a bazaar repository on Launchpad, but GitHub is the primary resource since play 1.1.

. Data Matrix for None trebkov/auditlog/wiki/ http://blog.matthieuguillermin.

fr/2011/02/utiliser-envers-avec-playframework/. These two links show differen t solutions on how to add auditing to your application by using Hibernate Envers. You simply add an annotation to your entities and configure specific entity listeners. Note, that the second link is actually in French, but there is no problem using Google Translate for this.

The second URL also does not require an own module for these features.. Strike is a mobile framework on top of SASS, which resembles iPhone behavior. Going to the /@emulator URL shows you basically how your application would look, when rendered on a phone. It seems to not work with the current SASS version however.

. Software Data Matrix ECC200 oovy/. This is quite an interesting module. It allows you to write model and controller code in pure groovy. It is simply a plugin, which uses a groovy compiler for all kinds of classes.

It also includes samples for groovy and GPP, especially a (not completely groovy-fied) converted YABE example.. Software ECC200 /play_test_module http://blog.mograbi.

info/p/test-module-for-playframework.html. Appendix This test module offers a dif Software Data Matrix barcode ferent approach as the standard Play framework in order to test controllers. The module resembles controller method calls as close as possible. This means, you do not need to call a specific URL, but rather a direct controller method.

It is merely a matter of taste, and which approach is preferred. If you like testing more on the Java and method level instead of testing via URLs, you should take a look at this module.. This little module is a helpe Software gs1 datamatrix barcode r for automatic deployment of single nodes via SSH the secure shell. You can add your node to a configuration file and simply call play sshdeploy:nodeName, which copies and unzips your application to a remote host.. The blog from Lunatech (one o Software barcode data matrix f the companies that support Play commercially besides Zenexity) features high quality articles about many aspects of the Play framework. You should definitely get the RSS feed..

A weblog featuring some Play DataMatrix for None framework specific articles. However, most articles are written in German.. t/2501419423/a-prototype-play-pluginfor-activiti-integration http://agaoglu. These articles feature a nice gs1 datamatrix barcode for None integration with Activiti, a business process engine. The second link includes a good step-by-step example.. n-amf-module-for-the-amazingplayframework https://bitbucket.

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