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Download at WoweBook.Com using barcode development for software control to generate, create qr-codes image in software applications. Microsoft Office Excel Website Advanced Certificate Management Exporting keys and certificates with TinyCA2 With TinyCA2 we ca Software qrcode n export the CA, the client certificate, and key to a local file. TinyCA2 recognizes several file formats for the key/certificate pairs. In the previous screenshot you can see the default .

pem key files. Please note that if you do not want to enter a passphrase every time your OpenVPN tunnel is started, you must activate the button Without Passphrase (PEM) . Yes. Otherwise, y our key is password-protected, which may be considered as an extra level of security. Enter a filename or select a directory by clicking on the button Browse, and then click on the button Save.

Repeat these steps for the client certificate (use the standard PEM Certificate) and the CA certificate (by clicking on the icon Export CA in the toolbar).. [ 254 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com 11 . Revoking certificates with TinyCA2 Creating and expor Quick Response Code for None ting a CRL with TinyCA2 is very easy. From the Certificate tab, right-click on the certificate that you want to revoke. You are prompted for the CA password and you are given the option to enter a reason for revocation.

. Enter the CA Passw ord, select a Revocation Reason, and click on OK to revoke the selected certificate. Now switch to the CA tab and click on the Export CRL icon in the toolbar. Again, you have to enter the CA"s password and a validity date for this CRL.

Enter a filename and click on the Save button to export the CRL.. Other tools worth mentioning There are of cours e a lot of other tools available for PKI management, especially for X509 certificates. One of them is OpenSSL itself. If you"re not afraid of long command lines, try either http://www. or the recommended German tutorial at http://www.. html#beispiel-openvpn. [ 255 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com Advanced Certificate Management SuSE"s YaST has a Software QR Code special module for PKI management. Simply install the package yast2-ca-management and restart YaST. You"ll find it in the section Security.

For other distributions, Webmin provides quite suitable modules for PKI management, like the mentioned OpenVPN + CA tool. OpenCA PKI Research Labs are creating OpenCA, a browser based PKI management suite that seems very promising (https://www.openca.

org). IDX-PKI is now integrated in a greater structure named OpenTrust and offers an abundance of options for larger companies (http://www.opentrust.

com/content/ view/119/111) The small Windows tool My Certificate Wizard ( is for networks, where users create certificate requests on their own, send them to the admin, and have them signed.

This may be of special interest in well-organized high-security environments.. We have created, i mported, and exported CA certificates, client and server certificates and keys, in addition to revocation lists using the tools xca and TinyCA2. We have seen that there are many features that TinyCA2 offers that are neither in the scope of easy-rsa nor available in xca. This is the reason why TinyCA2 is my favorite certificate management tool.

A small list of other available tools closes the chapter. However, all these tools use only the "toolbox" OpenSSL. If you want to read more and become a certificate professional, "man OpenSSL", then the website http://www. is the place to go..

Summary. [ 256 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com OpenVPN GUI Tools In this chapter, a Software QR Code ISO/IEC18004 lot of images will show several standard GUI tools for OpenVPN. The best one is the Webmin OpenVPN module, probably the best tool for administration of an OpenVPN server. The situation of the GUI clients looks worse.

Even though there are at least three interesting projects, none of them seem to work flawlessly at the moment. Most still contain severe bugs, but I assume that the community will make them work in a short time. Perhaps, at the time of reading, everything will be working properly.

We"ll start with Webmin"s extraordinary frontend that we looked at briefly in the chapter that dealt with security. KVpnc is next, and the network manager plugin rounds out the chapter..

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