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Table of Contents using .net framework topaint 2d data matrix barcode for web,windows application iOS Configuring appl ECC200 for .NET ications to run with elevated privileges on-the-fly Solving LUA problems with Avecto Privilege Guard Defining application groups Defining access tokens Configuring messages Defining policies Solving LUA problems with Privilege Manager Suppressing unwanted User Account Control prompts Modifying application manifest files Setting permissions on files and registry keys Identifying problems using Process Monitor Modifying permissions on registry keys and files with Group Policy Fixing problems with the HKey Classes Root registry hive Using Registry Editor to copy keys from HKCR to HKCU Mapping .ini files to the registry Using LUA Buglight to identify file and registry access violations Summary Installing software using Group Policy Installing software using Windows Installer Deploying software using Group Policy Comparing Group Policy Software Installation with system images for software distribution Preparing applications for deployment.

Choosing between thin and fat images Extracting .msi files from setup packages Using command-line switches for silent installs and customization Deploying system changes using Group Policy startup scripts Creating an .msi wrapper Repackaging an application with a legacy installer Customizing Acrobat Reader"s MSI installer using Adobe Customization Wizard 9 Creating a DFS namespace Adding a folder to the namespace Editing manifests using Resource Tuner Modifying manifests using the RunAsInvoker shim Defining Privilege Manager rules.

123 124 125 126 VS .NET ECC200 127 129 129 133 133 135 136 137 138 138 139 139 140 141 142 142 143 144. 133 135. 6: Software Distribution using Group Policy 144 144 145 146 147 150 155 156 159 160 162. Customizing an installation package 154 156 160 165 166. Using the Distributed File System with GPSI Deploying software using GPSI Upgrading software with GPSI Uninstalling software with GPSI Configuring software installation settings Targeting devices using WMI filters and security groups Table of Content s Removing software when it falls out of scope of management Removing .msi packages from Group Policy Objects 166 167. 7: Managing Internet Explorer Add-ons ActiveX controls Per-user ActiveX controls Changing the installation scope to per-user Summary. 169 170 171 171 173. Best practices Deploying commonly used ActiveX controls ActiveX Installer Service Deploying Adobe Flash and Shockwave Player Deploying Microsoft Silverlight 172 172 173 177 179 181 184. Managing add-ons Administrator approved controls Summary Enabling the Act iveX Installer Service Determining the ActiveX control host URL in Windows 7 Determining the ActiveX control host URL in Windows Vista Configuring the ActiveX Installer Service with Group Policy Testing the ActiveX Installer Service. Determining the data matrix barcodes for .NET Class Identifier CLSID of an installed ActiveX control Adding ActiveX controls to the Add-on List. 185 185 191. 186 188. 8: Supporting Users Running with Least Privilege Providing suppor VS .NET ECC200 t Preparing to support least privilege Troubleshooting using remote access Troubleshooting for notebook users. 193 194 196 196. Enabling and usi .net vs 2010 Data Matrix barcode ng command-line remote access tools WS-Management Automating administration tasks using PowerShell Remoting Enabling and using graphical remote access tools Enabling Remote Assistance. Different types of Remote Assistance Enabling Remote Assistance via Group Policy Offering a computer unsolicited Remote Assistance: DCOM Sending Remote Assistance invitations Initiating Remote Assistance from the command line [ vi ] Configuring WS-Management with Group Policy Connecting to remote machines using WS-Management. The notebook cha datamatrix 2d barcode for .NET llenge Having the right tools in place Notebook users who seldom visit the office Setting out IT policy Other functions the help desk might require The last resort: An administrative backdoor for notebooks. 200 200 212 214 214. 196 197 197 198 199 199. 201 205. 214 215 219 221 222. Table of Contents Remote Desktop C datamatrix 2d barcode for .NET onnecting to a remote computer using the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Configuring Windows Firewall to allow remote access Creating a GPO for Windows Firewall in Windows 7. Connecting to remote PCs using Easy Connect Creating a GPO for Windows Firewall in Vista Importing Window s 7 Firewall rules to a GPO Modifying the default Windows Firewall rules Adding additional inbound exceptions for remote administration Creating a WMI filter to restrict the scope of management to Windows 7 Linking the new GPO to the Client OU Checking the GPO applies to Windows 7. 230 232 232. Creating a GPO for Windows Firewall in Windows XP Enabling the Rem visual .net Data Matrix ECC200 ote Assistance and Remote Administration inbound exceptions for the Domain profile 246 Creating a WMI query for Windows Vista 249 Configuring GPO settings Creating an exception for WS-Management Creating an exception for Remote Desktop Creating an exception for Remote Administration Creating an exception for Remote Assistance Creating a WMI filter to restrict the scope of management to Windows XP Linking the new GPO to the Client OU 251 252 254 256 257 259 261. 235 236 238 240 243 243.
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