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Currency ID Batch ID using .net framework torender data matrix on web,windows application Developing with Visual Studio .NET To set up the destinat datamatrix 2d barcode for .NET ion mapping with these fields in Integration Manager you only need to fill in fields for the Receivables Transaction option on the left, all the others can be left as defaulted. The following is what the mapping would look like:.

If you are using a Bat ch ID that does not yet exist in Dynamics GP, click on the Batch ID field, go to the Options tab and change the Rule next to Missing Batch to Add New Batch.. [ 315 ]. Populating Initial Data Once imported, you can VS .NET ECC200 check your transactions in SmartList. They will be under Receivables Transactions with a Document Status of Unposted.

. Inventory items Just like for customer .net vs 2010 Data Matrix ECC200 s and vendors, setting up classes for inventory items will save you a great deal of effort when importing new items. With all the options filled out for an item class, importing inventory items can be fairly easy.

The following example will use two source files: Items and Prices. The following is a typical listing of fields for the Items source file. This file will have one line per inventory item:.

Field Item Number Desc ription Short Description Max. Length Notes This is required and must be unique. Item Numbers should be all in caps and it is recommended not to use special characters.

Required field. This field is optional, but recommended as it is used for lookups in Dynamics GP. Unlike Short Names for customers and vendors, this will not automatically default from the Description and will be blank if not specified.

Optional, but recommended. This should be a Class ID that is already created in Dynamics GP. Costs are optional, however you may want to import them if you are basing pricing on cost or need this for reporting purposes.

Be sure not to use more decimal places than the item is set up for.. 30 100 15. Class ID Standard Cost Current Cost List Price List Price Currency ID If you are bringing in Data Matrix for .NET a list price in one currency only, this can be done in one source file, otherwise, you will need multiple source files with a listing of each Currency ID and List Price. The decimal places should be the same as the number of currency decimals set up for each item and currency combination.

This should be a unit of measure that is already set up in Dynamics GP for the U of M schedule that will be assigned to this item.. Default Selling U of M If you want to bring i .NET Data Matrix n the main vendor for each item as part of this import, you can add the following five fields. If you will be setting up multiple vendors for each item, you will need to create a separate source file with the vendor details.

. [ 316 ]. 9 . Field Vendor ID Vendor Item Number Vendor Description Purchasing U of M Type Purchasing U of M Max. Length 15 30 100 Notes This must be a V endor ID that already exists in Dynamics GP. Both the Vendor Item Number and Vendor Description are optional. If they are not specified, they will default to the Item Number and Description from the item.

This corresponds to the Default Purchasing U of M Type and can have values of From Item or From Item Vendor.. If From Item Vendor is Data Matrix ECC200 for .NET used for the Default Purchasing U of M Type (above), then this Default Purchasing U of M must be imported, otherwise it is not needed. The U of M selected here must already exist in Dynamics GP.

. The following is a lis ting of fields for the Prices source file. This file will have one line for each item/price combination:. Field Item Number Pric Data Matrix ECC200 for .NET e Level U of M Percent Price Currency ID 15 Max. Length 30 10 8 Notes This field must correspond to the list of Item Numbers in the Items source file and will be used to link the two source files.

This should be a price level that already exists in Dynamics GP. This is a unit of measure that is already set up in Dynamics GP for the U of M schedule that is being assigned to this item. Either one or the other of these should be used, but not both.

If Price is used, it should have the same number of decimal places as are set up for the item and currency combination. Percentages can have up to two decimal places. This should be an existing Currency ID.

. Once you have created your source files and set up the Items and Prices sources in Integration Manager, follow these steps to import your items: 1. Create a relationship between your two source files by clicking Relationships on the top menu and dragging your mouse between the Item Number fields:. [ 317 ].
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