Decision Support: SBS 2003 or Windows Server 2003 in .NET Printing Data Matrix barcode in .NET Decision Support: SBS 2003 or Windows Server 2003

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Decision Support: SBS 2003 or Windows Server 2003 using barcode generator for visual studio .net control to generate, create ecc200 image in visual studio .net applications. bar code 39 Both SBS 2003 and Windows Ser VS .NET data matrix barcodes ver 2003 offer features that can fulfill the IT requirements of small and medium-sized companies. To help you choose between them some scenarios are presented below in which the deployment of one of the two products is advised.

Keep the following points in mind when installing SBS 2003: All SBS 2003 components are installed on a single server. This ensures that all components are integrated. The primary SBS can, however, be extended to other servers.

SBS 2003 represents the highest level of a new Active Directory. Therefore, a fresh implementation doesn"t pose any problems. However, the SBS Active Directory does not support trust relationships with multiple domains.

So, SBS 2003 can be used to implement only a single domain model.. Companies with One Head Office and up to 75 Employees For a maximum of 75 employees 2d Data Matrix barcode for .NET , the standard version of SBS offers an all-in-one solution for Internet, e-mail, and fax services and intranet solutions with many features for teamwork. The premium version extends these capabilities to include Internet proxy and firewall functions, a database server, and extended functions for website creation and maintenance.

If your company has more than 75 employees, you can either exchange individual products contained in SBS via the Migration Pack or purchase Windows Server 2003, which has no restrictions regarding the number of users.. 1 . Connecting a Branch to a Head Office SBS 2003 can be used in this model if there is no integration with the Active Directory of the head office. Such integration cannot be guaranteed via SBS 2003 because the SBS domain must constitute the master domain in the Active Directory. If integration with the central Active Directory is required, you must use Windows Server 2003.

However, you can implement an SBS domain over two locations. The prerequisite for this is that one of the locations must have a Windows Server 2003 installation that mirrors the SBS. This ensures that registration can take place over the quick LAN connection at the location in situations where WAN connections are slow.

. Dismantling an Existing Active Directory Environment SBS 2003 cannot be implemente d as a domain controller in an existing Active Directory environment because it must form the master domain. It is also not possible for SBS 2003 to have trust relationships with other domains. Windows Server 2003 on the other hand offers the possibility of extending an existing tree or forest in a flexible manner, adding additional domain controllers, or forming trust relationships with other Active Directory or NT 4.

0 domains.. Extending an Existing Environment with Additional Servers SBS 2003 must be the domain c ontroller of the master domain. No further SBS 2003 machines can be added to this domain. It is however possible to add more Windows Server 2003 machines as additional domain controllers or member servers.

If you wish to have more flexibility or plan to use a complex domain structure later, you should use Windows Server 2003 from the outset.. Setting up a Web Server for the Intranet/Internet SBS 2003 includes a web serve r. This is Internet Information Server (IIS) 6.0.

It has been improved greatly over IIS 5.0 and supports both ASP.NET and XML.

In addition to this web server that all server versions of Windows have, there is also the special Windows 2003 Server web edition. This server is appropriate if you want to add just one web server. This edition can also be used to run an entire server farm.

. Using a Terminal Server SBS 2003 cannot itself be set up as a terminal server. However, any Windows Server 2000 or 2003 can be added to the SBS domain as a terminal server. SBS 2003 does, however, support the remote administration mode of the terminal server of Windows Server 2003.

So, remote administration is guaranteed by a maximum of two simultaneous connections.. Introduction to Small Business Server 2003 Features of Small Business Server 2003 In the following sections, we Visual Studio .NET data matrix barcodes introduce you to the main features of SBS 2003. The biggest strengths of SBS 2003 are network security and remote access to the company network.

You will also find information about features that have been improved in comparison with its predecessor SBS 2000..
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