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Basic Functionality using servlet tocreate qr barcode for web,windows application Web application framework Drupal is a modular syste jar QR Code ISO/IEC18004 m. Its functionality is held in modules that integrate into the main workflow at various points, altering the way other parts operate or even adding new features entirely. In order to build a fully functional website, we use modules that either come as part of the standard Drupal download (the core) or are provided by the various developers of the Drupal community.

The terms module and functionality, with respect to Drupal, are effectively synonymous from the point of view that modules provide functionality. Therefore, the discussion of Drupal functionality is really a discussion about modules. Adding a new module is one thing, but presenting its functionality is also important and this requires us to look at menus and blocks as an integral part of our discussion on functionality.

Accordingly, in this chapter, we are going to take a close look at: Modules Working with modules Third-party modules Working with blocks Menus, main, and secondary links. Be aware that we won"t be discussing some of the content-related modules in too much depth because these will be covered in great detail in later chapters. While the focus of this chapter is on getting the basics up and running, we will also look at how to include other modules from the Drupal site in order to demonstrate its power and flexibility. This will also reveal the considerable advantage of having an entire development community at hand to help out.

. Basic Functionality Modules To get us started, let"s QRCode for Java take a look at the definition of a module:. Modules are plugins for D rupal that extend, build, or enhance Drupal functionality. Some core modules are required by Drupal in order to function, some are optional, and others can be obtained from the Drupal community..

It is by enabling certain qr-codes for Java modules that you will be able to achieve a diverse, and more importantly, functional site. As there are plenty of modules available, I can"t hope to bore you with all the ins and outs of every single one. Instead, we will enable and briefly work with some of the more interesting and useful ones to demonstrate how the module system works and how to use it.

If there is a module required by your site that is not covered here, follow the same method of enabling and testing that is discussed throughout this chapter and apply it to that specific module. You will be up and running in no time at all. Before we begin discussing individual modules and their settings, click on the Modules link in the toolbar menu at the top of your page, and decide which ones to enable, based on your site"s forecasted needs.

Bear in mind that it is very easy to come back at a later stage and enable and disable modules this is part of the beauty and power of Drupal. For the purposes of this chapter, we will need the following modules enabled: Forum Comment Search. [ 50 ]. 2 . Once you have made a sele ction, click on Save configuration. At this point, it is possible that Drupal presents something like the following query, as shown in the next screenshot:. This tells us that the Fo j2ee QR Code 2d barcode rum module has dependencies. In other words, it cannot do its job without the facilities provided by the other module listed. Many modules are interdependent, and Drupal gives clues as to what relies on what on the modules page.

For example, Forum displays the following:. [ 51 ]. Basic Functionality In this instance, it is t elling us that it requires two other modules (specifically, Taxonomy and Comment), both of which are enabled. Look at Taxonomy, as shown in the following screenshot:. The converse is displayed servlet QR-Code , insofar as it tells us that while Taxonomy itself has no dependencies, it is required by Forum. Note too that Drupal prevents us from disabling any module that is required by another enabled module, by disabling the checkbox next to the module"s name. Disabling the Taxonomy module, in this case, requires us first to disable all modules that depend on it first in this case, Forum.

For at least a few of these modules, we will have to put in some serious thought before they are actually implemented on the site. In particular, Forum needs to be discussed in some depth..

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