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Deployment and Management generate, create qr-codes none with java projects upc barcode Once the site is deploy spring framework QR Code JIS X 0510 ed, there are also a few other web-related activities inherent to Drupal that we should take the time to look over quickly. As a result, this chapter will talk about: Deployment Backups Website activities including paths, XML sitemaps, and user maintenance Updates. Armed with the informat ion presented in this final chapter, you will be a wellequipped Drupal website administrator operating a live website. Ultimately, the experience gained from running a live website in itself should prove to be far more valuable than this book. Hopefully, you will find the entire experience richly rewarding and share your hard-won knowledge with the rest of the community in the future.

We"re on the home stretch...

. Deployment While it is not a huge problem to make modifications to a site after deployment, there is no point in making things difficult by having to recode some pages or make design changes later, when you can get them done now. Here is a checklist to use in order to ensure that, from a user"s point of view, the site works nicely:. Use at least two differ QR for Java ent One browser may implement some features that others do browsers. not you might find that something you rely on heavily works on your browser of choice but not on others. Use at least Firefox and IE.

Resize your browsers for a This helps to determine whether you have HTML elements variety of pages. that have not been set correctly. For example, some sections may use the full page width, while others expand only to a certain limit.

Access pages from slow as You might find that certain pages load very slowly over a well as fast connections. dial-up connection. This might mean you need to rethink image and page sizes.

. [ 360 ]. 11 . Check all links text an d Often, links break during deployment because of differing image. file paths or file permissions. You should: Check each page"s look.

Use each page. Check all links and buttons on each page Check all links in blocks Check that large as well as small images display appropriately Check that any ads link correctly [ ] [ ]. This is important, beca QR for Java use not all browsers can render certain style sheet settings. This is vital for ensuring that users can: Register accounts Manage their accounts Add content depending on permissions Correctly access content depending on their roles Make use of all the site"s facilities. Ensure that: The search engine works correctly Contact e-mails can be sent properly Privacy and conditions of use are shown along with any important copyright information [ ]. Try to break the site ( jboss QRCode as a Just as important as ensuring that everything works restricted user, of course). properly (if not more important), is ensuring that nothing can be broken at will..

If you can perform ever ything listed in this checklist with several browsers, with no problems, then you can be reasonably certain that the site will hold up when it goes live. If everything looks good, you can begin with the preparation process. In no particular order, ensure that there is: A full copy of the site A copy of the database A file system and database on the live server.

Let"s take a look at how this is done. [ 361 ]. Deployment and Management The live server Your web server needs t j2ee QR Code ISO/IEC18004 o have a MySQL database and sufficient space to hold all the Drupal files. It should also have some sort of administrative panel that gives you convenient access to the various facilities that are available on the website (such as logs and error reports, FTP, database administration, e-mail facilities, security, and more). The best, in my opinion, is cPanel, which provides a comprehensive administration center that uses advanced web 2.

0 features to make your job a lot easier than some of the more basic admin panels out there:. One example of this is cPanel"s drag-and-drop file management interface, which is far quicker and more convenient than other server administration software that requires a page refresh each time a file is copied or moved often, you can only move one file around at a time, which is tedious, to say the least.. [ 362 ].
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