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2: Consuming Web Services in Drupal generate, create none none on none create code 128 Using SOAP The none none SOAP message Enabling SOAP in PHP Using the SOAP Client module Installing and configuring the SOAP Client module. ASP.NET Web Application Framework Getting started with FedEx Web Services 24 25 27 28 28. Table of Contents Using FedEx Sh none for none ipping Quotes module 32 Installing and configuring the FedEx Shipping Quotes for Ubercart module 33. Confirming you r Ubercart store settings Entering your test credentials in the FedEx module configuration Testing the FedEx Web Service with our Drupal site. 3: Drupal and Flickr Accessing Flickr Your Flickr account Flickr module SOAP request/call in the FedEx module file Summary 50 51 52. 48 48. 38 38 43. Testing the Flickr module Signing up for a Flickr API key Configuring the Flickr module Adding the Flickr filter Setting Flickr module permissions Flickr module blocks Flickr random photo from photoset Flickr random photos block Flickr recent photos and recent photosets Flickr user page photosets, user page random photos, and recent photos. 52 54 56 56 62 66 67 68 68. 4: Drupal and Amazon Summary. Accessing Amaz on Signing up for an Amazon Web Services account Installation and initial configuration of the Amazon module Using the Amazon module. Testing config none for none uration Testing the Amazon Example content type Using the Amazon content type with Views Using the Amazon filters Testing the Amazon input filter. 72 73 73. 76 78 80 83 84. Amazon Store module Using the Amazon Store module Configuring your Amazon Store Summary Testing your Amazon Store 85 86 87. 5: Drupal and Multimedia Web Services CDN2 video Accessing the CDN2 web service Adding videos using CDN2 Signing up for the CDN2 web service Configuring the CDN2 module 94 95. 96 98. Uploading vide os with CDN2 content type [ ii ]. Table of Contents Using the Kalt ura module and web service Accessing the Kaltura service Using the Media: Flickr module Summary. Importing and uploading Kaltura video content 105 106 111 118. 6: Drupal Web Services the Easy Way: The Services Module Deployment module Content distribution The Services m none for none odule what is it The Services module why use it and what does it buy you Installing and enabling the Services module Creating a Services module and running a custom callback Creating custom Services module. Adding to our function to allow for returning Photo nodes data Adding a database query to our custom Services module Adding arguments Testing a simple service callback. 120 121. 121 122 126. 131 132. 7: Drupal, Spam, and Web Services Summary. CAPTCHA and re CAPTCHA Installing and configuring CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA Image CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA AntiSpam Installing and configuring AntiSpam Mollom module Configuring the Mollom web service Summary. Additional TypePad/AntiSpam module settings AntiSpam moderation queue 142 142 146 14 7 150 150 156 156 163 165 166. 135 136 138. 152 154. Choosing the content that Mollom will protect Mollom reports and statistics 158 160. 8: Using XML-RPC XML-RPC and Drupal Drupal Blog API and Google Docs 167 168 170 173 176. Syncing content between Drupal sites Using the Deployment module with Services [ iii ]. Enabling and c onfiguring Blog API Setting up a Google Documents account Posting the Google Document to Drupal Testing and viewing the document on your Drupal site Removing posts. 176 177. Table of Contents 9: Twitter and Drupal Installing, en abling, and configuring Deployment Summary Twitter and Drupal The Twitter API The Twitter module Integrating the Twitter module with Drupal Registering your website with Twitter. The Deployment module 187 188 189 189 191. 178 186. Posting your D rupal nodes as tweets to your Twitter account Showing tweets in blocks on your Drupal site Tweet module Configuring short URLs Summary. Twitter module page and block Views Actions and triggers with the Twitter module Setting up a T witter application Configuring the Twitter module once you have your app setup Setting up OAuth configuration Setting up your user account to integrate with Twitter. 200 201. 191 196 198 198. Configuring the Tweet module 208 209 214 215 217 218. 203 206. 10: LinkedIn and Drupal LinkedIn and D none none rupal Installing the LinkedIn Integration and OAuth modules Using the LinkedIn Integration module. Status update and promoting content to LinkedIn Setting permissions Posting LinkedIn profile data to Drupal Posting Drupal content to LinkedIn Checking usage statistics for the LinkedIn module. 11: Facebook and Drupal Summary. What is Facebo none none ok Drupal and Facebook Requirements for running Drupal for Facebook Installing and enabling Drupal for Facebook Installing the Facebook libraries Setting up Canvas Pages Creating your first Facebook app Configuring Drupal to work with your Facebook app Summary. Testing the Facebook application Editing your Facebook application settings 232 232 233 23 none for none 4 237 238 239 243 248. 220 221 222 226 228. 244 247. [ iv ]. Table of Contents 12: Authentication Services OpenID and Dru none for none pal Enabling and configuring the OpenID module Setting up the OpenID server/provider OAuth and OAuth Connector Using OAuth Connector Configuring a provider connection for Twitter Summary.
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