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4. using barcode printer for visual studio .net control to generate, create code 128 code set a image in visual studio .net applications. Microsoft Windows Official Website returns true if .net framework Code 128 x property of the_head object is equal or greater than the stage width. Why does the second if check for x property to be equal or greater while the first one just checked for x property to be smaller (and not to be equal) That"s because x property is 0 when the snake is on the first column so it has to be less than 0 to make you know he left the stage.

When the snake is on the rightmost column, x property is 600, so we have to wait for it to be 640 (stage"s width) to say the snake is out of the screen. This happens because the head is centered into an imaginary 40x40 pixels rectangle. The following picture will help you clarify the concept.

. The snake is ali ve when x property is 0 or 600, and it dies when x property is -40 or 640. There are a lot of ways to translate this concept into an if statement, and the one I showed you is only one of a number of possibilities. The remaining two if statements apply the same concept to y property.

Test the movie and you can play with a mortal snake. No more "God Mode"..

[ 145 ]. Snake In the above pic .NET code-128c ture, the three ways a snake can die: hitting a wall, leaving the stage, and hitting its own body. Also, look at the dramatic effect added by game_over_mc object.

. Summary. In this chapter, Code 128 Code Set B for .NET you built a complete Snake prototype without using any array. This different approach to the creation of a tile-based game allowed you to use points and get the DisplayObjects under a point.

Also, you learned how to determine the distance between two points using Manhattan distance. It will come in handy when you have to deal with distances in a tile-based game..

It would be grea t if you would allow the game to move the snake at higher speed when the player ate a certain amount of fruits. To do this, you can set the frame rate to 30 and use a counter to run the content of onEnterFr function only once every five frames (use modulo operator to do it). This way your snake will move at 30/5=6 frames per second, just like the one you just developed.

When the player collects, let"s say, 10 fruits, you will make onEnterFr function run its content once every four frames, updating more than six times per second the game field and consequently increasing the snake"s speed and game difficulty.. Where to go now [ 146 ]. Tetris Tetris is a tile -based puzzle game made in the Soviet Union. It features shapes called tetrominoes, geometric shapes composed of four squared blocks connected orthogonally, that fall from the top of the playing field. Once a tetromino touches the ground, it lands and cannot be moved anymore, being part of the ground itself, and a new tetromino falls from the top of the game field, usually a 10x20 tiles vertical rectangle.

The player can move the falling tetromino horizontally and rotate by 90 degrees to create a horizontal line of blocks. When a line is created, it disappears and any block above the deleted line falls down. If the stacked tetrominoes reach the top of the game field, it"s game over.

As you are about to experience, the making of Tetris wouldn"t introduce new programming features but it"s hard enough to provide you a good challenge. Anyway, during this chapter you will also learn the basics of drawing with AS3..

Defining game design This time I won" t talk about the game design itself, since Tetris is a well known game and as you read this chapter you should be used to dealing with game design. By the way, there is something really important about this game you need to know before you start reading this chapter. You won"t draw anything in the Flash IDE.

That is, you won"t manually draw tetrominoes, the game field, or any other graphic assets. Everything will be generated on the fly using AS3 drawing methods. Tetris is the best game for learning how to draw with AS3 as it only features blocks, blocks, and only blocks.

Moreover, although the game won"t include new programming features, its principles make Tetris the hardest game of the entire book. Survive Tetris and you will have the skills to create the next games focusing more on new features and techniques rather than on programming logic..

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