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12. using barcode integrated for jdk control to generate, create code 3 of 9 image in jdk applications. International Standard Serial Numbers 3. In the re-assign barcode code39 for Java panel, click on the Search button to bring up all the users to whom the task can be re-assigned or delegated. Then select the target user.

This will look something like the following screenshot:. 4. Click on the OK b utton to complete the reassignment. The task now will show as assigned to William Faulkner, who is John Stein"s manager.

. [ 299 ]. Using Process Spaces and Workspace Application Managing and tracking processes So far, we have been mostly concentrating on how end users and supervisors will process and administer the task granular work pushed through the Workspace. The Workspace also offers the Process Tracking panel so that supervisors can track the work at the process level and not the tasks completely isolated from the process that created them. The Process Tracking panel offers supervisors the ability to see where the process instance is in the context of a particular business process as well as the whole history of the process instance as it moved from activity to activity within the business process.

For one second, let"s put ourselves in the shoes of John Stein, who is the person responsible for the overall behavior and health of the Sales Quote business process. John Stein needs to be armed with the capabilities mentioned before. Let"s walk the steps that John Stein would need to follow to find the instance and analyze its state: 1.

John Stein would need to be logged into the Workspace and would then click on the Process Tracking panel. In there, John Stein would need to use the search capabilities or look for the instances that he wants to analyze. This can be seen in the following screenshot:.

[ 300 ]. 12 . 2. Select the instan barcode 3/9 for Java ce and the lower panel will show the details of the selected process instance as seen in the following screenshot:. 3. The Details and O pen Activities sections will reveal where it is in the process as well as information about the process instance itself such as the process instance ID and status. Additionally, the Open Activities section will show the current activity in which the process instance is waiting its execution.

If we link it back to its implementation, this activity (Business Practice Review) will have a task listed in the Tasks panel for the appropriate person to complete.. [ 301 ]. Using Process Spaces and Workspace Application 4. The next section Code 3/9 for Java will show the audit trail for the process instance in tabular text fashion. The individual entries can be expanded to get more details if needed.

. 5. This audit trail can also be seen graphically and on top of the BPMN 2.0 business process picture with the painted path of the instance following the sequence flow.

This particular view can be very useful in the context of a more complex diagram and the steps that lay ahead of the last executed business process activity.. [ 302 ]. 12 . 6. Last but not leas jboss 3 of 9 t, the supervisor can also see the Comments associated to the process instance at the business process level, as well as the ancillary files or Attachments associated to this in flight process instance..

Summary. In this chapter you servlet Code 39 Extended learned about the two out-of-the-box interfaces that Oracle Business Process Management Suite offers to the different end user audiences, including the Workspace and Process Spaces in the context of Web Center Suite. It also showed how the end users can be more productive organizing their work by using mechanisms such as views and search capabilities. We also exposed some of the self-serve capabilities and looked at how the Workspace and Process Spaces can empower these end users for their own administration tasks.

. [ 303 ]. Process Analytics and Business Activity Monitoring Process analytics is an important part of BPM. Without metrics and analysis of metrics, the business processes cannot be measured and optimized. It is critical to your business success that you establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and manage your Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Businesses will also leverage Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) to monitor and improve business processes. Oracle BPM offers two options to manage the metrics BPM process analytics and Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (BAM). The first part of this chapter is about process analytics and the second part is about BAM.

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