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CRM Deployment Options using none togenerate none with web,windows applicationqr code printing If your SugarCRM server wi none for none ll be collocated, a similar networking configuration should be used, but you must make sure that you talk to your service provider about this matter. If you are using an On-Demand service, none of this will be vital to you, except insofar as you may wish to ask your service provider about the security architecture currently in use and how it handles the web server and application server issues..

Data Capacity of QR Code Emergencies and natural disasters Backups and security measu none none res are intended to protect you from foreseeable mishaps. Unfortunately, there are other situations that may arise that are often overlooked by individuals maintaining their own servers. Fire and floods are two additional dangers you must be prepared to handle.

Should a fire damage your office, you will want to have proper fire fighting equipment handy that will protect your server. You must also be prepared for water emergencies, such as a flood or a burst water line in your office. To reduce such potential risks, it would be wise to not locate your server in an area that is near water lines.

In addition, your server should not be sitting on the floor of the selected area. It should be placed in a server rack where it cannot be stepped on or easily damaged by rising waters. Lastly, the area where the server is maintained must be kept cool.

Sometimes this requires the purchase of additional air conditioning equipment. A closed room with 3 to 4 servers will warm up rather quickly and heat is not well received by servers. In extreme situations, the heat in such environments can cause the server to reboot or even shut down and in turn cause unexpected downtime.

. Bandwidth capacity and reliability considerations We have all had the experi none none ence of visiting a useful website, containing a lot of valuable information, and being frustrated by its low speed or responsiveness. You need to make sure that your CRM users never have such an experience..

[ 76 ]. 3 . Bandwidth, or connection s peed, is an important link in the chain of good performance for a web-based CRM system, such as SugarCRM.. In the previous diagram, t none none he Outbound Traffic leaves Your Offices for the Internet at a speed called the uplink, or upload speed. Inbound Traffic arrives at your building through the downlink, or download speed. Notice that for a Remote User connecting to the server at your office; it is important that the uplink connection be reliable and fast so as to deliver the data as quickly as possible.

Usually, your employees will complain if the office download speed is slow, as web browsing, or retrieving e-mail from an external e-mail service will be slow. Employees will also complain (at least the ones who access your CRM system while away from the office) if the office"s Internet connection has a slow uplink connection. So the conclusion we must draw is that if we intend to house our CRM server at the office, we need to make sure that the office has a fast download and upload connection.

Another potential bottleneck for a Remote User is the speed of the connection they are using while away from the office. For such users, the speed of inbound traffic will have a direct impact on their experience of using the CRM system. Data travelling from the office to a remote user"s computer will travel only as fast as the slowest link between the two.

For example, if the server at the office is able to deliver data through its outbound traffic link at a rate of 10 mbps, but the inbound traffic link being used by the remote user is limited to one tenth of that speed, the data from the office to the remote user"s computer will be received at 1 mbps and not at 10 mbps. The last scenario highlights some of the challenges in determining the appropriate speed for your office. In the last example, increasing the speed of the outbound traffic connection at the office would have yielded zero benefits as the bottleneck was at the receiving end.

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