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Keeping an eye on the behavior of agents using software topaint code-39 on web,windows application SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2012 There are situations when Software barcode 3/9 everything seems to work alright, agents are uploading their inventory, the server backend accepts the connections and handles the queries appropriately, but then we recognize some client agent is not reporting status. There are more than a handful of reasons why an agent does not upload its inventory to the OCS-NG server and logging is the key to keep an eye on their behavior..

Thankfully, OCS-NG has inb uilt logging mechanisms. Using the /debug parameter when launching the agent forces it to automatically create the logfile. This can be found in the directory of the agent under the following naming scheme: hostname.

log, where the hostname stands for the name of the computer on which the agent runs. In the case of Linux agents, the parameter is debug and the logfile can be located in the /var/log/ocsinventory-client folder. The filename is called the same as hostname.

log. The logfile is quite verbose. Here is the beginning of a sample agent logfile:.

HTTP SERVER: Connection WI Software Code 3/9 THOUT proxy TAG FORCE: Tag forced by /tag, value is <TAG-NAME> WMI Connect: Trying to connect to WMI namespace root\cimv2 on device <Localhost>...

OK. Registry Connect: Trying to connect to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE on device <Localhost>..

.OK. CHECKINGS: read <COMP_NAME-2009-12-17-08-22-47> and <00:14:54:9F:DA:27 00:42:BC:35:C7:5D> in ocsinventory.

dat IpHlpAPI GetNetworkAdapters...

[ 214 ]. A closer look at the agent"s logfile 9 IpHlpAPI GetNetworkAdap Code 3/9 for None ters: Calling GetIfTable to determine network adapter properties...

OK IpHlpAPI GetNetworkAdapters: Calling GetAdapterInfo to determine IP Infos...

OK IpHlpAPI GetNetworkAdapters: OK (2 objects). CHECKINGS: write <COMP_NAME-2009-12-17-08-22-47> and <00:14:54:9F:DA:2 700:42:BC:35:C7:5D> in ocsinventory.dat HTTP SERVER: Creating CInternetSession to get inventory parameters.

.. OK.

HTTP SERVER: Getting HTTP Connection to server port 80 using no authentication.


HTTP SERVER: Sending prolog query...

HTTP status 200 OK OK. HTTP SERVER: Receiving prolog response..


These are the preliminary steps at the beginning of an agent"s first launch. It connects to the OCS-NG server, but to do that first, it needs to grab the network adapter information. Once this is done, it grabs the prolog variable from the server, and after a successful query retrieval, it sets this value to the agent config file and moves ahead with the inventory.

This is when the agent begins to build up the inventory XML. It first queries the logged in username, last logged in user, its operating system, and later on via WMI, all of the hardware components, software, and so on. The inventory is then built ground up.

A sample of this part can be seen as follows. This section is in the middle of the logfile..

Retrieving Device informat Code 39 for None ions...

getUserName: Trying to get logged on User ID...

getUserName: Will using Process32...

OK User found (explorer): john.doe. Registry NT GetLastLoggerUser: Trying to get the last user who"d been logged in.

..OK (john.

doe). WMI GetOS: Trying to find Win32_OperatingSystem WMI objects..

.OK (Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.

2600 Service Pack 3 2 1). WMI GetDomainOrWorkgroup: Trying to find Win32_ComputerSystem WMI objects..

.OK ( Registry NT GetDomainOrWorkgroup.


WMI GetBiosInfo: Trying to find Win32_ComputerSystem WMI objects...

OK (INTEL_ D946GZIS) WMI GetBiosInfo: Trying to find Win32_Bios WMI objects...

OK (Intel Corp.) WMI GetProcessors: Trying to find Win32_Processor WMI objects..

. Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40GHz 2401 (x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 6).

OK WMI GetProcessors: 2 processor(s) found. [ 215 ]. Troubleshoot Confidently F ind Solutions and Workarounds getMemory...

Physical: 3478777856 bytes, Swap: 4905226240 bytes. OK [ --part cut out-- ] WMI GetSystemPorts: OK WMI GetSystemSlots: Trying to find Win32_SystemSlot WMI objects..

.OK (7 objects) WMI GetSystemControllers: Trying to find Win32_FloppyController WMI objects..

.Failed because no Win32_FloppyController object! WMI GetSystemControllers: Trying to find Win32_IDEController WMI objects..

.OK (5 objects) WMI GetSystemControllers: Trying to find Win32_SCSIController WMI objects..

.OK (1 objects). As expected, the inventory USS Code 39 for None ing process is not finished yet. There is still plenty of other information to retrieve, just that we have purposefully selected the last snippet as a sample to demonstrate a few key elements of the logfile. It is indeed verbose.

Every WMI object query is logged on a step-by-step basis (each line). Their results are on the right of the key, for example, OK, and in parentheses, the retrieved values or their count. In the case of failed queries, for example, no floppy controllers found in the previous situation, they are specified as well.

Next the agent retrieves the leftover information such as software, network information, product keys, and licensing information (via registry queries HKLM hive); and finishes the inventory. It opens up the previous inventory state (if there is any) and compares it with the current state. In the case of changes, it updates the inventory XML file.

Let"s exemplify this part from the agent logfile:. Trying to open database on folder <C:\Program Files\OCS Inventory Agent\> with XML...

OK. Reading last inventory state file..

. XML Read last inventory state from file <C:\Program Files\OCS Inventory Agent\last_state>..

.OK Checking last inventory state..

. Logical drives inventory state changed. Video adapters inventory state changed.

Inventory changed since last run. XML Update Device properties..

. XML Update Logical Drives..

. XML Update Logical Drives: OK (4 objects). XML Update Softwares.

.. XML Update Softwares: OK (304 objects).

[ --part cut out-- ] XML Update Video Adapters...

XML Update Video Adapters: OK (1 objects). XML Update Device properties: OK. WMI Disconnect: Disconnected from WMI namespace.

[ 216 ].
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