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Drawing simple shapes use awt barcode code39 writer toadd barcode 39 on java Postal Alpha Numeric Encoding Technique The JavaFX application fram 3 of 9 barcode for Java ework was designed from the ground up to handle graphical elements. JavaFX provides inherent support for basic geometrical shapes as a first-class API. This recipe shows how to programmatically draw lines, rectangles, circles, and ellipses using the Shape APIs found in the javafx.

scene.shape package..

Getting ready Before you can draw your sh spring framework barcode 39 apes using JavaFX, you must know how to create a basic JavaFX application and know how to add content to the application"s scene. To refresh your memory, see the first recipe of this chapter, Building a JavaFX application..

How to do it... The following code snippet javabean barcode code39 shows how to draw a line, a rectangle, a circle, and an ellipse on the screen. You can get the full listing of the code from ch002/source-code/src/ shapes/SimpleShapes.fx.

. def spacer = 100; Stage { t itle: "Simple Shapes!" width: 500 height: 300 x: 100; y: 200 scene: Scene { content: [ Line { startX: 10 startY: 10. 2 endX: 10 + spacer endY: barcode 3/9 for Java 10 + spacer strokeWidth: 5.0 stroke: Color.BLUE strokeLineCap: StrokeLineCap.

BUTT }, Rectangle { x: spacer + 50 y: spacer + 20 width: spacer + 20 height: spacer arcWidth: 20 arcHeight: 20 fill: Color.RED strokeWidth: 5.0 stroke: Color.

BLUE }, Circle { centerX: spacer + 300 centerY: 50 radius: 50 fill: Color.GREEN strokeWidth: 1.0 stroke: Color.

BLACK }, Ellipse { centerX: spacer + 300 centerY: 150 radiusX: 100 radiusY: 20 fill: Color.RED strokeWidth: 5.0 stroke: Color.

BLUE } ] } }. The code draws a line, rect angle, circle, and ellipse at different locations on the application"s window as shown in the following screenshot:. Creating JavaFX Applications How it works... Creating shapes using the S jboss Code 39 Extended hape API is a straightforward process. You simply declare an instance of the shape class that you want to draw, specify its properties, and then place it as a node inside the stage"s scene so that it can be rendered. Let"s see how the shapes presented in this recipe work:.

Line when drawing a line, y ou declare an instance of the Line class specifying, at minimum, the line"s starting coordinates with properties startX and startY and the ending coordinates using properties endX and endY.. Line { startX:10 startY: 10 jdk Code 39 Full ASCII endX: 10 endY: 10 }. Rectangle for drawing a rec tangle, you use the Rectangle class from the Shape API. At a minimum, you must specify the coordinates of the upper-left corner using properties x and y, and the size of the rectangle using properties width and height:. Rectangle { x: 50 y: 20 wid 3 of 9 for Java th: 300 height: 200 arcWidth: 20 arcHeight : 20 }. arcWidth and arcHeight optionally, you can use these properties to specify vertical and horizontal diameters for rounded corners of the rectangle. Circle to draw a circle in JavaFX, you declare an instance of the Circle class. You must, at a minimum, specify the circle"s center coordinates using centerX and centerY properties and the circle"s radius using the radius property. When.

placing a circle on stage, Code39 for Java keep in mind that the circle"s center is used as its point of reference. Be sure to adjust your coordinates to avoid drawing circles partially off-screen..

Circle { centerX: 50 center Y: 50 radius: 50 }. Ellipse both ellipse and ci Code 39 Extended for Java rcle work similarly. To draw the ellipse, you declare an instance of the Ellipse class specifying the x and y coordinates of the center using properties centerX and centerY. Additionally, you must specify the horizontal and vertical length of the radius for the ellipse using properties radiusX and radiusY:.

Ellipse { centerX: 100 cent erY: 150 radiusX: 100 radiusY: 20 }. 2 . There"s more... There are other basic, thou spring framework barcode 39 gh irregular, geometric shapes available from the JavaFX Shape toolbox. Polyline and Polygon classes can be used to create shapes by connecting line segments together. The Arc class creates circular shapes by specifying points on angular path.

Let"s take a closer look at them..
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