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The JBoss AS 5.x provider is JBoss Messaging Service. You can fine tune its ConnectionFactory by setting these two attributes: .

PrefetchSize: indicates how many messages client side PrefetchSize is 150. Larger values give better throughput message consumers will buffer locally. The default value for but require more memory. You should ensure that the Code 128B for Java attribute SlowConsumers is set to false otherwise this will disable client messaging buffering, which badly degrade your performance.. The single destination shou ld consider tuning the following parameters: . PageSize: indicates the max jdk Code128 imum number of messages to pre-load in one single operation. FullSize: this is the maximum number of messages held by the queue or topic subscriptions in memory at any one time. If you have a very high ratio of messages to be delivered, you should further increase the default value which is 75.

000. Increase as well DownCacheSize to flush messages on the storage sparingly..

The JBoss AS 6.x default JM S provider is HornetQ, which can be used also embedded in your application or as standalone JMS server. You can tune HornetQ in two major areas: the journal (where messages are persisted) and the tuning transport, which uses Netty libraries.

If you are frequently writing to the journal it"s important to keep logging files in separate hard disk volumes to improve hard disk transfer rates. You are strongly advised to use Linux ASYNCIO libraries if your operating system supports it. HornetQ transport tuning requires the setting of an appropriate TCP send/receive buffer size.

You should modify these properties according to your operating system settings.. Set the property disabletcp barcode 128 for Java delay to true to disable Nagle"s algorithm and improve performance. Follow JMS best practices, which include reducing the size of the messages, re-using your JMS resources (connections, sessions, consumers ,and producers) and consider if you really need message persistence, which is the most expensive factor of a JMS session..

[ 155 ]. Tuning the Persistence Layer 5th Circle of Hell: Wrath a nd Sullenness: Here lay unfortunate developers blaming the application server for poor performance while neglecting to use a Connection Pool. Data persistence is a key ingredient of any enterprise application and it has been a part of the JDK API since its very first release. Most readers certainly agree that data persistence is the most common cause of bottleneck in your applications.

Unfortunately, isolating the root of the problem is not a straightforward affair and requires investigating in many areas: from the SQL code, to the interfaces used to issue SQL statements. Other potential areas that might affect your data persistence are the database configuration and finally, the underlying network and database hardware. For this reason, we have divided this chapter into three main sections in order to cover all factors which can drag the performance of your data persistence: The first section introduces some principles of good database design.

If your database design doesn"t conform to some commonly agreed rules, chances are high that you will find it hard to achieve the performance needed for a successful application. The next section illustrates how to improve the performance of the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API, which allows connecting to a legacy database by means of drivers released by database vendors. The last section covers the core concepts about Java Persistence API and the Hibernate framework, which is used by JBoss AS as a persistence engine.

. Tuning the Persistence Layer Designing a good database Before you begin the develo jsp code128b pment of your application, both logical and physical database design must be right there. Once the application has been implemented, it"s simply too late to fix an inaccurate database design, leaving no other choice than buying a larger amount of fast, expensive hardware to cope with the problem. Designing a database structure is usually the task of a database administrator.

However, it"s not rare in today"s tight-budget world that the software architect takes care to design the database schemas as well. That"s why you should be aware of a few basic concepts like database normalization, database partitioning, and good column indexing..

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