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popupScrollLeftMessage use software 2d data matrix barcode integration toinsert data matrix 2d barcode on software Bar Code Types popupScrollR datamatrix 2d barcode for None ightMessage Doesn t work in Tomahawk 1.1.9 popupSelectDateMessage Doesn t work in Tomahawk 1.

1.9 popupSelectMonthMessage Doesn t work in Tomahawk 1.1.

9 popupSelectYearMessage Doesn t work in Tomahawk 1.1.9 popupTodayString Today is Will be prepended to the current date, which is displayed at the bottom of the pop up.

. [ 111 ]. Tomahawk Attribute popupWeekString Default text Wk Description To the left of the calendar, a column with week numbers is shown. This text will be used as header for that column..

Using an inline calendar Although the y are both rendered by the same JSF component, the inline calendar is an entirely different thing to the pop-up calendar. So when we set renderAsPopup to false, we have to deal with a totally different calendar. Whereas the pop-up calendar works with CSS themes , the inline calendar has to be styled by hand.

A couple of attributes are used to set the CSS classes for the various parts of the inline calendar. You have to assign a class name via these attributes, and then supply the CSS styling for these classes via a stylesheet. The available attributes are monthYearRowClass, weekRowClass, currentDayCellClass, and dayCellClass.

The first two are applied to a <tr> element, and the last two are applied to a <td> element. See the following image for further clarification:. monthYearRowClass weekRowClass currentDayCellClass dayCellClass [ 112 ]. 4 . Using the calendar in a form To use the & Software Data Matrix ECC200 lt;t:inputCalendar> in our input form, we have to create another Facelets composition component, let s call it <mias:dateField>. The most important part of the dateField.xhtml file looks like this:.

<c:if tes t="#{empty popup}"> <c:set var="popup" value="true" /> </c:if> <h:outputLabel for="#{id}" value="#{msg[id]}:" /> <t:inputCalendar id="#{id}" value="#{bean[id]}" renderAsPopup="#{popup}" required="#{required}" renderPopupButtonAsImage="false" popupGotoString="#{msg.gotoCurrentMonth}" popupTodayString="#{msg.todayIs}" popupWeekString="#{msg.

wk}" popupTodayDateFormat="#{msg.datePattern}" styleClass="inlineCalendar" currentDayCellClass="currentDayCell" dayCellClass="dayCell" monthYearRowClass="monthYearRow" weekRowClass="weekRow"> <f:convertDateTime pattern="#{msg.datePattern}"/> </t:inputCalendar> <h:outputLabel value="" /> <h:message for="#{id}"/>.

The followin DataMatrix for None g points should be noted: We use only one component to render either an inline or a pop-up calendar. The renderAsPopup=#{popup} code ensures that we can use the popup argument of our composition component to switch between the two. Some arguments are only applicable to either the inline calendar or the pop-up calendar.

That s why some empty lines have been added. The first group of arguments applies to both, the second group applies to only the pop-up calendar, and the third group applies to only the inline calendar. The date pattern for the <f:convertDateTime> converter component, as well as for the popupTodayDateFormat argument that applies to the pop-up calendar, is served from the application s message bundle, making it easy to localize the pattern.

. [ 113 ]. Tomahawk Without usin g CSS, the inline calendar does not look very nice and is also pretty useless, as there is no way to see what the selected date is. To achieve a basic look as shown in the previous image, the following CSS styling should be applied:. .inlineCalen 2d Data Matrix barcode for None dar td { background-color: silver; text-align: center; font-size: small; } .inlineCalendar a { text-decoration: none; color: black; } .

inlineCalendar a:visited { text-decoration: none; color: black; } .inlineCalendar a:active { text-decoration: none; color: black; } .inlineCalendar td.

currentDayCell { border: 1px solid red; font-weight: bold; } .inlineCalendar td.dayCell { border: 1px solid silver; } .

inlineCalendar .monthYearRow td { font-weight: bold; } .inlineCalendar .

weekRow td{ background-color: white; font-weight: bold; }. The highligh ted lines apply styling to the selected date. Also note that three definitions are added for .inlineCalendar a, .

inlineCalendar a:visited, and .inlineCalendar a:active. These are to ensure that the date numbers that are rendered as XHTML hyperlinks do not get the default formatting for unvisited, visited, and active hyperlinks, because that would not make any sense here.

. [ 114 ]. 4 . We can now u Software 2d Data Matrix barcode se our <mias:dateField> component in the same way as we use the <mias:field> component in our form:.
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