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1. using barcode printing for servlet control to generate, create barcode 128 image in servlet applications. .NET Development Nowadays p jdk Code 128C eople use validators very frequently on websites where anyone can leave comments, as in the above example. There are several types of validators, but the basic operation is the same they help us to avoid spam attacks caused by robots, as they can"t answer to the validation question like an ordinary user would..

Click on t he Post button to send your comment. If your answer is correct, Roller will take you back to the same post and will show your new comment below it, along with your name, the date and time you sent it, and the Your comment has been accepted message as shown in the next screenshot:. [ 15 ]. An Introduction to Weblogs What just happened In the pre vious exercise, we saw how to leave a comment on a weblog. This is one of the most powerful uses of blogs someone posts about a subject you"re interested in, then you leave a comment on that post, and later the owner of that post answers you back with another comment. If you leave your e-mail, both can establish a two-way communication! With Apache Roller and this book, you"ll learn how to make blogs and interact with other blog owners in the ever-expanding blogosphere universe.

. Promote your business or professional activities business At the tim e of writing this book, a lot of companies are already using blogs to promote their products and services. There are employees from several companies who use internal blogs to communicate with other employees, and external blogs to communicate with clients, potential clients, and anyone who"s interested in their professional activities, or even their hobbies. The beauty of it is that you can mix posts of your activities at work, along with posts of your hobbies and personal interests.

Moreover, if someone has the same hobby as yours, he/she will be attracted to your blog. He/She will also see the other posts you have, including any promotional message about your professional activities, the company you work in, or your small business. The possibilities with this type of "free advertising" are endless.

. Time for action Microsoft employee blogs In this ex ercise, we"ll visit the Microsoft Community Blogs website, where you can see what Microsoft employees are writing in their blogs.. Type http: Code 128B for Java // in the address bar of your web browser.

Next, the Microsoft Community Blogs page will appear:. [ 16 ]. 1 . Scroll dow n the page until you see a search box and a list of blogs with recent posts:. Type open Code128 for Java source in the Keywords (Optional) field inside Search Microsoft Community Blogs and click on the Go button. After a few seconds, you will see a list of all the blogs related to the search word(s) you typed:. [ 17 ]. An Introduction to Weblogs Scroll dow n the list until you find the Port 25: Open Source Community at Microsoft blog, as shown in the following screenshot:. If you can Code 128A for Java "t find it in the list, you can type the following URL:

Next, the Port 25 home page will appear, as shown in the next screenshot (it"s very likely that your screen will have a different post on the front page, as this blog changes almost everyday):. [ 1 ]. 1 . What just happened In this la Code128 for Java st exercise, you saw how Microsoft is making use of blogs so that its employees can communicate the latest news about Microsoft"s posture on open source to the world. Port 25 is a weblog dedicated to the open source community at Microsoft. Here you"ll find discussions and posts on open source projects that Microsoft is collaborating with, or intends to collaborate with.

However, Port 25 is just one little piece of the vast universe of employee blogs floating around. Some blogs are hosted on Microsoft websites, and others are hosted on employees" personal sites. All in all, you"ll find a lot of interesting things about Microsoft and also about its employees" hobbies, personal experiences, and thoughts in general.

This is a trend that"s expanding through a lot of big companies nowadays..
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