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Enhancing your weblog using j2ee tointegrate code-128 in web,windows application Basic Infromation about Micro QR Code Now that you"ve le barcode 128 for Java arned how to create and publish entries on your blog, and how to define categories for them, it"s time to start customizing the look and feel of your front page, along with the way you"re going to write your thoughts for the world. Let"s begin with some basic settings you can twist on your blog to enhance its appearance..

Server settings ve rsus weblog settings In the Adjusting basic server settings section, we saw how to manage Roller"s global settings. In this section, we"ll see how to manage settings for each one of your weblogs. Just remember that the server settings affect some of the weblog settings, as we"ll see in a moment.

. [ 157 ]. How to Start Working with Roller Adjusting basic weblog settings In Roller, a regul ar user can have one or more weblogs, and each one of them has several settings you can adjust to fulfill your needs. In the next exercise, you"ll learn about the basic weblog settings you can tweak to customize your blog"s title, the e-mail address where you"ll receive comment notifications, and some other basic elements..

Time for action basic weblog settings Each weblog has se parate configuration settings that you, the owner, can adjust to your liking. Now let"s see how to do that:. Open your web brow jvm Code 128A ser and go to your blog"s URL (http://localhost/roller). Scroll down the home page until you locate the Login link under the NAVIGATION section, and click on it. As this is the only weblog you have at the moment, Roller will take you to the New Entry page, as shown in the following screenshot:.

[ 15 ]. 4 . In this web page, there are three tabs: Create & Edit, Design, and Preferences. Click on the Preferences tab, and Roller will show you all the configuration settings available for your weblog:. The Title, Tagline Code 128A for Java , and Email address of weblog owner fields should already contain the values you typed when creating the weblog. You can change them at this time, in case you want to use another e-mail or another title for your blog. In the About your blog field, type a short description of your blog contents.

You can use the example text from the previous screenshot. Also check that the Weblog is active option is enabled; otherwise, it means you"re not going to post new entries, and aggregators such as Technorati won"t update their listings to show your new posts..

[ 15 ]. How to Start Working with Roller Now, scroll down t o the Internationalization Settings section. The Locale and Timezone fields must contain the values you chose when creating your weblog:. Now suppose you wa Code-128 for Java nt to write posts in two or more languages; you can use the I publish my weblog in multiple languages option to select a different locale for each entry in your post. To see it in action, click on this option to enable it and make sure the Show my weblog entries from all languages on my homepage is enabled, so that all your posts in different languages show up in your blog"s home page. Then scroll down the page until you find the Update Weblog Settings button, and click on it.

Roller will show you the Saved changes to weblog settings message inside a green box, to confirm that the changes are made.. [ 160 ]. 4 . Click on the Creat e & Edit tab to go to the New Entry page. There should now be a Language field under the Tags field, as shown in the following screenshot:. You can select ano jar code 128 barcode ther language from this drop-down list, and write a post in Spanish, French, German, or any other language of your choice. Now click on the Preferences tab again, go to the Internationalization Settings section and deselect the I publish my weblog in multiple languages checkbox to continue with the exercises in this book. You can logout from Roller and close your web browser, if you don"t want to continue with the rest of the chapter for now.

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