Spicing Up Your Blog in Java Use Code 128A in Java Spicing Up Your Blog

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Spicing Up Your Blog use jdk uss code 128 implementation todeploy barcode code 128 in java UPC-8 Type <script type="te applet Code 128 Code Set B xt/javascript" src="http://static.

js"></script> before all the text in the Content field, as shown in the following screenshot:. Scroll down the page and click on the Post to Weblog button, to update your post. Then, click on its Permalink to see it in your weblog"s front page:. [ 206 ]. 5 . 10. There will be a listen icon at the left of the Sea on the rocks link. If you click on this icon, you"ll sta rt hearing the sound file directly from your blog post, and the "link" icon will change, as shown in the following screenshot:. 11. You can click on the stop button or wait until the sound finishes playing. Log out of Roller and close your web browser, if you wish. What just happened In this exercise, you le arned how to insert a sound file in one of your weblog"s posts. In this case, there are two ways in which your visitors can hear your sound files via an external media player installed on their PC, or using the Play Tagger tool from Delicious (

By using the latter one, your visitors will be capable of hearing your sound files without the need for an external media player. As you can see, everything you upload into Roller can be pasted in a post via the URL assigned to it. In this example, we used a .

mp3 file, but you can upload any other audio file type, and insert it in a similar way. If you use the Play Tagger tool, your visitors won"t have to download and use an external media player to play your files. Now you can write and speak to your weblog visitors.

They can see you as well, if you embed a video. This is why blogs are becoming so popular and powerful as a communication tool nowadays. Now let"s get on to the next section, where you"ll see how to take advantage of web services such as Google Maps, YouTube, and SlideShare.

. Google Maps, YouTube, and SlideShare There are a lot of Inter net and web services which you can use along with your blog to make your content more interesting for your viewers. With a good digital camera and video production software, you can make your own videos and presentations quickly and easily, and embed them in your posts with just a few clicks! For example, with Google Maps, you can add photos of your business to a custom map, and post it in your blog to attract customers. There are a lot of possibilities, and it all depends on your creativity!.

[ 207 ]. Spicing Up Your Blog Including Google Maps in your posts Using Google Maps in you r blog is a good way of promoting your business because you can show your visitors your exact location. Or you can blog about your favorite places and show them as if you were there, using your own photos..

Time for action using Google Maps There are a lot of thing s you can do with Google Maps, one of them is including maps of your favorite places in your blog, as we"ll see in a moment:. Open your web browser an Code 128 Code Set B for Java d go to Google Maps (

Type Eiffel Tower in the search textbox, and click on the Search Maps button or press Enter. Your web browser window will split in two areas, as shown in the following screenshot:. [ 20 ]. 5 . Click on the Eiffel Towe r link at the bottom-left part of the screen to see the Eiffel Tower"s exact position in the map at the right panel:. Now click on the Satelli j2se Code 128 Code Set A te button to see a satellite image of the Eiffel Tower:. [ 20 ]. Spicing Up Your Blog Drag the Eiffel Tower up wards using your mouse, to center it on the map area:. Click on the Zoom here l applet Code 128B ink inside the Eiffel Tower caption to see a closer image:. [ 210 ]. 5 . If you look closely at t he previous screenshot, you"ll notice three links above the map: Print, Send, and Link. Click on Link to open a small window:. Right-click on the Paste USS Code 128 for Java HTML to embed in website field to select the HTML code, and then click on the Copy option from the pop-up menu:. [ 211 ].
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