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Comments and Trackbacks using tomcat toinsert barcode 128 for web,windows application MSI Plessey Scroll down to t spring framework Code128 he end of the page, answer the math question and click on Post in order to post your comment:. Roller will show the Your comment has been accepted message, along with the comment you posted:. 10. Use the same procedure to post a third comment in the same entry, but this time type This i s my third comment in my weblog in the Your Comment field and use your same personal information in the Name, E-mail, and URL fields.. [ 330 ]. 8 . What just happened You can see how easy it will be for your visitors to leave comments, and if they enable the Remember Information checkbox (Roller enables it by default), they won"t have to write their name, e-mail, and website information each time they post a comment on your site. Every time they return to your weblog, Roller will remember their personal information, provided they"re using the same machine (and have cookies enabled). Now let"s see how to manage your weblog"s comments.

. Deleting unwanted comments in your weblog Let"s practice w ith Roller"s comment management tool and the comments you posted in the previous exercise. The following exercises will show you how to delete, moderate, and mark comments as spam. In Roller, it"s very easy to delete unwanted comments from your weblog.

. Time for action deleting a comment in your weblog OK, it"s time fo r you to learn how to use the Comment Management page. In this case, we"ll see how to delete an unwanted comment from your weblog..

Log into your Ro jboss Code 128 Code Set C ller weblog, and click on the Comments link from the New Entry page:. [ 331 ]. Comments and Trackbacks Roller will take you to the Comment Management page, where you"ll see a list of all the comments in your weblog:. Locate the third tomcat Code 128B comment you made (it should be the first one in the list, as it"s in a chronological order) and select the Delete checkbox to mark it for deletion:. [ 332 ]. 8 . Scroll down the page until you locate the Save changes button and click on it to delete the marked message. Roller will take you back to the Manage Comments page, but this time it will show the Successfully updated comments message, along with the updated comments list:. What just happened See how easy it is to get rid of unwanted comments. Just go to the Comment Management page, select the Delete checkbox on any comment that you want to delete, click on the Save changes button, and your problem is solved! Over time, you"ll end up with a lot of unwanted comments from spammers, hackers, or other malicious people and deleting comments is one good way of defending yourself against them. In the next section, we"ll see another way to avoid unwanted comments from showing up in your weblog.

. [ 333 ]. Comments and Trackbacks Moderating comments In an ideal worl d, people would post comments in your weblog and you wouldn"t have to worry about someone leaving obscene or insulting messages, spam, or any other bad stuff like that. Unfortunately, you never know when someone will try to invade your precious blogging space, so it"s better to be prepared for it..

Enabling comment moderation in your weblog Comment moderati on is one of the most effective ways of dealing with spammers and obscene comments. The following exercise will show you how to enable the moderation feature to avoid unwanted comments in your weblog..

Time for action enabling moderation in your weblog Are you ready fo r action Let"s learn to defend your weblog space!. Log into your Ro jdk Code 128 Code Set A ller weblog, click on the Preferences tab to go to your Weblog Settings page, scroll down to the Comments section and click on the Moderate comments checkbox to enable it:. [ 334 ]. 8 . Scroll down the page until you locate the Update Weblog Settings button and click on it. Now go to your weblog"s front page, click on the Comments[1] link of the first entry in your weblog, and post a new comment as shown in the following screenshot:. Once you answer j2ee Code 128A the math question and click on the Post button, Roller will show you the following message, instead of showing your comment:. [ 335 ].
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