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Analog using .net toencode pdf 417 on web,windows application GS1 supported barcodes Download at Boykma.Com Interfacing with Traditional Analog and Digital Telephony The phone is known as a Fo .net framework barcode pdf417 reign eXchange Subscriber (FXS) device and in the absence of a PBX, it plugs into the phone line from your friendly telco. In this nomenclature, the telco local exchange that you connect to is known as a Foreign eXchange Office (FXO).

This diagram should make things clear:. FXO Port POINTS to the Office FXS Port Wall plate Jack POTS Circuit Subscriber POINTS to the Subscriber ( PDF 417 for .NET Phone). Telco Central Office Analog lines and phones ar pdf417 for .NET e commonly used in both domestic and business situations. These lines are not what one would call feature-rich, but they can support a number of services like call waiting, three-way calling, and caller ID presentation (caller ID transmission methods vary around the world Asterisk supports many formats, for more details, see 8 on localization).

There are two main methods used by analog lines to signal to the exchange that the phone has gone off-hook, and therefore, that a dial tone is required. One of these methods is called ground start (or Earth calling), which simply grounds one leg of the twisted pair. The other is called loop start, which simply loops the pair.

Loop start signaling is also used by an enhanced system which boasts far end disconnect supervision and this system is known (in Asterisk, at least) as Kewl Start. It is important that you know which system is in use on the lines you plan to connect to Asterisk. Once the dial tone is on the line, the user can dial the desired number.

In the old days (think rotary phones), the number was transmitted to the exchange by a method called loop disconnect (or pulse dialing) the pair of wires is temporarily shorted together at a speed of 10 times per second to each digit. One pulse represented the number "1" all the way through to nine pulses for "9", and ten pulses for "0". These days most analog lines use DTMF for dialing.

Here, a unique combination of two pure tones is used to represent each digit, as shown in the following diagram:. [ 160 ]. Download at Boykma.Com 9 . 1209Hz 1336Hz 1447Hz 697Hz .net framework pdf417 770Hz 852Hz 941Hz 1 4 7 2 5 8 0 3 6 9 #. One small but important no te is that in the usual run of things, there is no way for Asterisk to determine which number was dialed when an analog line rings, as there is for IP telephony, BRI, or PRI lines. This means that when a call is received from an analog line into Asterisk, there is no extension number that we could match it against. Hence, we use the "s" (or start) extension, for example:.

[from-analog-line] exten = pdf417 for .NET > s,1,Background(welcome-menu). Businesses with a need for a number of lines can either use a collection of analog lines, or they may choose to go for a digital connection (described next) which can provide a number of concurrent calls together, along with some additional services.. Digital This kind of interface pro vides a number of channels for conveying digitized voice information (these are known as bearers). The voice is sampled 8,000 times a second, and each time it is sampled, an 8-bit representation of the amplitude of the voice is made. With eight bits of information being generated 8,000 times a second, we get 64,000 bps (bits per second), and this process is known as PCM (Pulse Code Modulation).

Thus the standard way of digitizing the voice in telephony is called PCM64. If you are wondering why the voice is sampled at the rate of 8,000 times per second, it was one Harry Nyquist who devised the sampling theorem that took his name. It states that, in order to faithfully recreate an analog waveform at the far end of a digital transmission, it must be sampled at a rate which is at least twice as fast as the highest frequency being sampled.

. [ 161 ].
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