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The main issue with ENUM is that it is based on a traditional hierarchical methodology, and thus requires creating a complete list of all ENUM resolvable numbers in the ENUM repository. Another issue is that ENUM doesn"t provide any form of security or access control, thus anyone who has access to the DNS will be able to perform ENUM lookups with it..

DUNDi DUNDi employs a peer-to-peer operational methodology in which each node in the DUNDi network is capable of learning what e164 numbers are connected to which node, and how to route calls within the DUNDi network efficiently. A network of trust is defined between the nodes making up the DUNDi network. When a client connected to a node wants to call up another client, connected to another node, the directly connected node will ask its neighbors where the target client can be reached.

If one of the nodes has the answer, it will answer the directly connected node, and the answer is then cached for later usage. If the neighbors are unable to answer, they will query their neighbors, and so on. Once an answer is available, all the servers in the line will cache the response; thus, the entire network now has learned where the target client is.

DUNDi enables faster route processing and call routing. This is due to the fact that the entire network learns where each client is located over the course of time, thus making every routing decision in the future shorter, in terms of time and resource considerations. Another aspect that is immediately derived from the usage of DUNDi is that there is no single point of failure.

While a node may fail, when it converges back into the network, its ability to route calls isn"t impaired and it will re-learn the entire routing table quickly.. [ 171 ]. Where to from Here For a very simplistic example none none of how DUNDi works, here"s an extract from the DUNDi white paper:. The DUNDi white-paper and rel evant information can be obtained from the DUNDi website, located at

. Summary. As you can see, Asterisk is m ore than a PBX it is a telephony Swiss army knife. In the hands of a skilful administrator, Asterisk and AsteriskNOW can be shaped and moulded into any form of application or system..

[ 172 ]. Jargon Buster Over the course of this book, none for none you"ve been introduced to a multitude of new acronyms and technical terms. The following pages give a quick summary of these terms, with a brief description..

Term Agent Asterisk B4XXP Cal l Parking Circuit Switching CLI Codec Context CTI DID/DDI DTMF DUNDi ENUM FXO FXS G711 Description A user on a PBX that is assigned to a queue The open-source PBX Quad Span BRI interfaces with hardware echo cancellation Park a call on a specific extension, to have it picked up by another user or extension Circuit switching refers to the methodology of inter-connecting end terminals before actual information can traverse between the end terminals. Command Line Interface Voice Encoder Decoder A group of Asterisk configuration directives, grouped into a single configuration unit Computer Telephony Integration (usually refers to the Asterisk Manager in the Asterisk world) Direct Inward Dialing Dual Tone Multi Frequency (simply put, the tones generated by your telephone keypad) Distributed Universal Number Discovery A number discovery methodology, roughly based on DNS Foreign Exchange Office The output jack of your analog phone line Foreign Exchange Station The input jack on your analog phone 64kbps voice codec.
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