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1. using .net framework toencode code39 with web,windows application interleaved 25 Summary. In this chapter, we took the first step into the world of CSK. We briefly discussed what the Community Started Kit can do. We discussed the system requirements necessary to install the CSK and went through the installation process.

This starter kit can prove to be a very useful tool in your web development toolbox. It was designed with both usability and reusability in mind, and with its powerful and flexible infrastructure, building customized community websites becomes a straightforward task. Our next step will be towards learning how to customize and extend the CSK.

In the next chapter, we"ll take a journey through the features bundled with the CSK.. Touring a Community Starter Kit Website It"s time to make a trip to the moon. Touring the Lunar .NET community, the sample community website that ships with the Community Starter Kit (CSK), will help you learn about the features and functionality bundled in the starter kit.

The first step towards creating your own community website based on the CSK is to get accustomed to its functionality. Lunar .NET implements almost all the functionality supported by the starter kit engine.

After this tour, you might find that the CSK includes everything you need for your own website and more. s 3, 4, and 5 will teach you how to create a community website by reusing what you already have. In the later chapters, you"ll learn how to extend the CSK by creating new modules.

In this chapter, we aim to: Analyze the general features provided by all major CSK modules Learn how to create and edit new user accounts Look at how each CSK module works. Overview of the Community Starter Kit Let"s load the Lunar .NET community in Internet Explorer. If you installed the CSK with the default options, you can access it at http://localhost/CommunityStarterKit.

The following screenshot shows the default look of the main page of the Lunar .NET community:. Touring a Community Starter Kit Website It"s assumed you"re runni ng the CSK on your local machine. If this is not the case, you"ll need to refer to the machine that hosts the remote community instead of localhost. Also, if you chose to use a different virtual directory when installing the kit, you"ll need to use that name instead of CommunityStarterKit in the URL.

. The Main Page The main page in the Luna r .NET community contains the elements expected of any community website: a logo, a menu with links to various sections, an advertising banner, and so on. In this chapter we learn how the built-in functionality works, and in 3 we"ll learn how to administer it through the Community Administration Menu.

Bear in mind that it"s possible to completely change the layout of a CSK website by building new skins (as we"ll learn in 4) or using the predefined themes that ship with the CSK. You can preview the predefined themes at. http://localhost/CommunityStarterKit/Admin/help/theme.htm. 2 . The Community Logo The community logo appear s in the upper left part of the site. It can be changed by editing the logo of the home page in the Community Administration Menu..

The Community Menu The community menu is jus t below the logo, and contains links to the sections of your community. Each section in the community has a content type, such as Books, Links, or Photo Galleries. Each content type is governed by a specific CSK module (such as Books module, Articles module, and so on).

You can have several sections in your community website with the same content type. For example, you can have two Books sections named "C# Books" and "VB.NET Books", both built using the Books module.

We"ll discuss the CSK modules and the different types of content supported by the CSK later in this chapter.. The Search Box The Search box permits se arching for content in the section that is being visited or in all public sections of the website. The following screenshot shows this feature in action:.
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