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Download at Boykma.Com use software code39 integrating tocompose barcode 39 with software Web app 8 . Voicemail system administrator options The following menu flow Code 39 Extended for None chart illustrates voicemail menu options available to the voicemail system administrator:. Log In to Voicemail Fro m System Phone Dial 101 or Press messages button From Outside System Dial Main AA Number or Backdoor Phone Number. If not dialing from you barcode 39 for None r phone, press # followed by your extension Enter your PIN Press # or wait for timeout. Main Menu Press 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 0 * To Listen to inbox messages Listen to saved messages Listen to deleted messages Send a message Voicemail options System Administrator options Log off Voicemail Dial system Operator Replay this menu System Admin Options Menu Press To Manage auto attendant prompt 1 Cancel and return to main menu * Auto Attendant Menu Press 1 2 * To Record Auto Attendant Prompt Manage Special Auto Attendant Menu cancel and return to Opt. menu. NOTE: The System Administrator Options menu item is not mentioned in the Main Menu instructions. To Record Record after the beep Press # to complete message Special Auto Attendant barcode 3/9 for None Menu Press 1 2 * To Enable special auto attendant Disable special auto attendant Cancel and return to msg menu. Recording Menu Press 1 2 3 * To Play back recording Accept recording Delete and re-record Cancel and return to msg menu. [ 215 ]. Download at Boykma.Com Using sipXecs The User Perspective The user web portal The user web portal all Software USS Code 39 ows the user to interact with the sipXecs system in a manner they may never have thought of before with a traditional phone system. While not all users will take to interacting with their phone system through a web browser, the savvy computer users will relish the opportunity to control their communications in a manner familiar to them. For users to get to the web server, they should go to the same web page as the administrator does to log in to manage the phone system (from our examples in previous sections http://sipx. As shown in the following screenshot, the user enters his or her extension and PIN (the same PIN used to log in to voicemail, not the SIP password).

. Upon login the user is directed to his or her voicemail inbox. Voicemail Any new voicemail will be shown in bold with caller ID as the sender"s address (if available). The following screenshot shows user 201"s inbox with a voicemail from user 200..

[ 216 ]. Download at Boykma.Com 8 . If the user clicks on t he hyperlink under subject, he or she can change the subject of the message to something more descriptive, as shown in the following screenshot:. To play the voicemail, Software USS Code 39 click on the small speaker icon in the play column. The voicemail is a WAV file; so as long as the user"s computer can play that type of file, the message should begin being played through the computer"s speakers. The user can also right-click on the message icon and choose to save it to long-term storage on his or her computer or network.

To delete or save the message, check the box to the left of the message, click on the drop-down box labeled More actions and pick the action desired. The Trash and Saved folders on the left work similarly..

[ 217 ]. Download at Boykma.Com Using sipXecs The User Perspective User information Clicking on the My Info rmation tab near the top of the page displays settings the user can modify with regards to their voicemail configuration. The following screenshot shows that the users can modify their two voicemail notification email addresses, whether they want voicemails attached to the emails, and change their PIN..

Clicking on Distributio Software Code 39 Extended n List on the left allows the user to modify their own voicemail distribution lists for sending voicemail to multiple system users at once. The distribution list page is then seen as follows:. [ 218 ]. Download at Boykma.Com 8 . Clicking on the Confere 39 barcode for None nces option at the left side of the page gives the user control over any conference rooms that have been assigned to him or her. The following screenshot shows a conference room named TUser with an extension of 601 and no active participants. The conference can be locked or unlocked for new participants joining by checking the box to the left of the conference and clicking on the respective button.

. Clicking on the confere nce room name reveals configuration information for the room that the user is allowed to modify, as seen in the following screenshot. The user can choose to have a PIN for users to get into the conference and if the number of users in the conference is limited or not..

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