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Allowing comments on your entries using visual studio .net topaint ecc200 for web,windows application Code 11 Comments ar gs1 datamatrix barcode for .NET e one of the easiest ways for visitors to interact with your site. They are also an easy way to attract spammers, who will be glad to leave hundreds of comments linking to websites of dubious quality.

Luckily, ExpressionEngine includes features designed to prevent abuse.. Preventing comment spam 1. Comment visual .net barcode data matrix preferences are set on a per-channel basis, allowing you to have different preferences for different channels (although when you create a new channel, you can copy the preferences from an existing channel to make things simpler).

Go to Admin . Channel Administration Channels and select Edit Preferences for the FAQs channel. [ 120 ]. 5 . 2. Here are all the aspects of the channel that you can fine-tune, organized into expandable groups. The General Channel Preferences were set when you created the channel, and include the channel name and short name.

. 3. Click on Data Matrix for .NET Path Settings.

The path settings are the URLs that are unique to this channel. When creating links in your templates, ExpressionEngine will use these settings to know what URL to link to. Set your Channel URL to http://localhost/faqs and set your Comment Page URL and Search Results URL both to http://localhost/faqs/browse.

You have not yet created an RSS template, but you can set your RSS Feed URL to be http:// localhost/faqs/rss in anticipation. The Ping Return URL does not apply to this channel..

When the Li ve Look Template is set, you will see a new Live Look link after publishing a new entry, as well as a new View link on the Content . Edit page. gs1 datamatrix barcode for .NET When you click one of these links, you will be taken to the livelook template to see the entry.

A live-look template is coded exactly like an ordinary single-entry page template, and although you can define your single-entry template to be your live-look template, the true power comes into play when you define a live-look template that displays entries that would not be visible in your single-entry page template (either because they are future-dated or because they do not have an open status). This allows you to draft an entry with a closed status, for example, and view what it will look like on your website before you publish it with an open status..

[ 121 ]. Creating a Fully-Equipped Channel 4. The Admi nistrative Preferences sets up defaults for each entry. For example, if you know the channel does not have comments, instead of having to click No to Allow Comments on each entry, you can set the default for every new entry to be no here (leave it set to Yes right now).

The field for the search excerpt allows you to define which custom field is displayed when a member searches your site the excerpt will automatically strip out any HTML formatting. For now, leave this set to Question. 5.

The Channel Posting Preferences determines what to do with URLs inside a channel entry you can either automatically link to them or leave them as plain text. Since only trusted people (such as yourself, Ed & Eg) will be able to post to this channel, you can Allow ALL HTML and say Yes to allowing images as well as to converting URLs into links. If your channel will involve lots of example HTML code, you could Convert HTML into character entities, meaning that any HTML entered as part of an entry will display on screen as-is and not be interpreted by the browser.

At this time, no changes are needed. 6. Next, click on Versioning Preferences and set Enable Entry Versioning to Yes.

By doing this, you can keep old versions of a channel entry saved. This is useful as it provides a quick undo feature for edits which were made erroneously. Enabling this option creates a new Revisions tab on your channel Publish page where you can load previous revisions.

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