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Beyond the Basics generate, create data matrix 2d barcode none in .net projects Code 2 of 7 6. Next, choose the chan data matrix barcodes for .NET nel you want to post to in this case, Photos.

You can also select a default category, field, status, and author. This can be useful if, for example, you want your mobile photos to be in their own gallery or to have their own status. For this example, use a default category of None.

Use a default field of Caption, a default status of Closed (since you do not want your entries to be visible until you have updated the File custom field with the photo), and a default author of you.. 7. Say No to making the entry sticky (meaning that it always appears first on a multi-entry page) and Yes to allowing overrides in e-mail. This means that if you want to set the category or status differently as compared to the default, you can do so by using a special code in your e-mail for a list of possible overrides, see http://expressionengine.

com/user_guide/modules/ moblog/email_contents.html. 8.

Select Photo Gallery as the upload directory. 9. The Moblog templates allow you to define exactly what will happen with your e-mails.

The default is to display the text first, then any images in an img tag, and any other files as a Download File link all within your text area. Since you do not want your images to be part of the caption, change the template to remove the {images} section as follows:. {text} {files match="audio files movie"} <a href="{fil .NET Data Matrix e}">Download File</a> {/files}. [ 250 ]. 9 . For more information on the different tags and parameters that are available, please visit: guide/modules/moblog/control_panel/email_template.html.

. 10. Next up, you can def VS .NET DataMatrix ine your e-mail settings.

The e-mail server must support POP3 typically e-mail addresses associated with your website domain would have POP3 access, as would e-mail addresses from your ISP. Free e-mail services may or may not include support for POP3 access. If you already download your e-mail to your e-mail software using POP3, then the same settings that are in your e-mail client (server name, username, and password) would go here.

. Since the Moblog module is scanning for incoming e-mails and does not send e-mails, the Moblog module will work even if you are using a localhost environment. Simply set the settings to the e-mail address you want to scan..

11. Further down, you ca Data Matrix barcode for .NET n specify a word or phrase that must appear in the subject of your Moblog e-mails.

This allows ExpressionEngine to distinguish between a Moblog e-mail and all the other e-mails you may receive. The default setting is moblog:, meaning that any e-mail you want posted to your Photos channel needs to have moblog: in the subject. (When setting the title of the entry, this phrase will be stripped out and the rest of the subject will be used; for example, Moblog: Flower will result in an entry called Flower.

) Changing the subject prefix is useful when you want multiple Moblogs to use the same e-mail address. However, for the purposes of this example, leave it set as moblog:. 12.

For security, you can also set your Moblog e-mails to be from a certain e-mail address (or addresses) and you can require authentication (meaning your control panel username and password must be included in your Moblog e-mails). It is recommended to at least limit the e-mail addresses that can send Moblog e-mails. 13.

The next option allows you to prevent certain text that might be included in your e-mails (such as your signature) from appearing in your channel entry.. [ 251 ]. Beyond the Basics 14. Next, you can set th e parameters for any images you attach you can require images to display with a certain height or width, you can resize, you can upload images automatically, and you can also create thumbnail images if desired. For now, say Yes to resize images on import, and resize any images to have a width of 555.

Leave the height set to 0 to keep the image in proportion..
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