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Types of add-ons generate, create datamatrix none for .net projects Birt Reports Issues ExpressionEngine add-ons come .net framework data matrix barcodes in five flavors, namely, modules, accessories, extensions, fieldtypes, and plugins. All add-ons are managed through the Add-Ons menu in the control panel here you can install, uninstall, or access the configuration screens (if applicable).

. [ 271 ]. Extending ExpressionEngine Modules Throughout this book, you hav DataMatrix for .NET e been working with ExpressionEngine modules, including the Channel module, the Member module, the Comment module, and the jQuery module. A module can be simple and focused (that is, do one thing and do it well), or they can be close to applications in their own right, complete with their own control panel configuration screens and their own library of tags.

Some modules are aimed at control panel users and do not add any visible functionality to the frontend of your website an example is the Blacklist/Whitelist module, which allows you to block spammers from your website but does not change anything on your website. Other modules are designed specifically to add functionality to your website they provide tags that can be used within templates so that you can control where this functionality appears and how it looks. The Search module works like this it does not add any functionality to the control panel, but it allows you to add integrated searching capabilities to your website.

Finally, there are modules that add functionality to both the control panel and your website. For example, the Mailing List module provides a control panel configuration screen where you can set up mailing lists and manage subscribers, and it also provides tags that you can use in templates to allow visitors to sign themselves up. Modules can read and write data to your database, making them a very powerful tool in an ExpressionEngine installation.

. Accessories Accessories are new in Expres .net framework gs1 datamatrix barcode sionEngine 2. They are the tabs that appear on the bottom of each control panel page.

. ExpressionEngine comes bundle d with the ExpressionEngine Info accessory installed and three other accessories that are included but not installed (Learning EE, News and Stats, and Quick Tips).. [ 272 ]. 10 . To install a new accessory, you can go to Add-Ons Accessories, and then click Install on the accessory (or accessories) of your choice (third-party accessories must be uploaded to the /system/expressionengine/third_party/ directory before they appear in this list to install). Once installed, clicking on an accessory name will open a preferences page where you can define which member groups can see the accessory and on what control panel pages the accessory appears. In this way, an accessory that is useful when creating templates (for example) can be set to appear only on Design pages of the control panel, and only to member groups that would be working with templates.

. Building your own accessory i gs1 datamatrix barcode for .NET s a great way to start getting into ExpressionEngine add-on development. One use for an accessory (if you build websites for clients) is that it can be used to provide easily accessible help and tips to your client, right inside the ExpressionEngine control panel.

. Extensions Extensions are a type of add- DataMatrix for .NET on that uses hooks within ExpressionEngine to modify how ExpressionEngine itself works. Unlike modules, extensions do not have tags that are used in templates.

Instead, they modify aspects of how ExpressionEngine works. For example, there are extensions that allow you to change how CAPTCHA works, that allow you to change the page ExpressionEngine loads after a member logs in, and that allow you to change system messages so that they use a regular template instead of the template found under Design . Message Pages User Messages. [ 273 ]. Extending ExpressionEngine Like accessories, third-party extensions need to be uploaded to /system/ expressionengine/third_party/ before they can be enabled from the Add-Ons . Extensions control panel pag .net framework 2d Data Matrix barcode e. Most extensions will come with instructions on how to install them.

ExpressionEngine does not come bundled with any extensions that are ready to go, but extensions are a very common type of add-on..
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