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How to generate, print barcode using .NET, Java sdk library control with example project source code free download:
The com_auto Administration using barcode creation for .net framework control to generate, create pdf417 2d barcode image in .net framework applications. Bar Code Scanner Environments The pure display .net vs 2010 pdf417 2d barcode of data on the website was relatively simple; administration of the data, by its nature, is a little more complicated. As administrator, you have to be able to display, modify, insert, delete, and publish data.

This involves significantly more interactivity than there was in the simple listing on the website.. The Component Table Joomla!, by the barcode pdf417 for .NET way, administers all menu items of the component in the [prefix]components table. The menu items of all of the components in the administration area have to be recorded here as well.

The com_auto component was also entered there: A graphic that is to be displayed next to the menu is also recorded there ("js/ThemeOffice/component.png"). You will find the graphics in the [pathto-Joomla]/includes/js/ThemeOffice folder.

You need several files to be able to create the administration component. You will find the following files in the [pathtoJoomla]/administration/components/ com_auto/ folder:. /administration/components/ /administration/components/controller.

php /administration/components/controllers/auto.php /administration/components/views/autos/view.html.

php /administration/components/views/autos/tmpl/default.php /administration/components/views/auto/view.html.

php /administration/components/views/auto/tmpl/form.php /administration/components/tables/auto.php /administration/components/install.

sql /administration/components/uninstall.sql. [ 281 ]. Your Own Components, Modules, and Plug-ins The Entry Point PDF-417 2d barcode for .NET (/administration/components/

php). Of course there is an entry point in the administration area as well. /administration/ .net vs 2010 pdf417 components/

php:. < php defined ("_JEXEC") or die("Restricted access"); $controller = JRequest::getVar("controller", "auto"); require_once(JPATH_ADMINISTRATOR.DS."controllers".


php"; $classname = "AutosController".$controller; $controller = new $classname( ); $controller->execute( JRequest::getVar("task")); $controller->redirect(); >. Experts on entry barcode pdf417 for .NET points will notice that this looks very familiar. Everything is familiar except for the if query, which searches for additional controllers.

. Controller (/adm inistration/components/controller.php). The basic contro PDF 417 for .NET ller looks familiar to us as well:. /administration/ components/controller.php:. < php jimport barcode pdf417 for .NET ("joomla.application.

component.controller"); class AutosController extends JController { function display() { parent::display(); } } >. Another Controll er (/administration/components/controllers/auto.php). Now we see some differences. We have an additional controller and it has quite a bit of code. /administration/ components/controllers/auto.php:. < php defined PDF417 for .NET ("_JEXEC") or die(); class AutosControllerAuto extends AutosController { function __construct(){ parent::__construct(); [ 282 ]. 15 $this->re gisterTask( "add", "edit" ); $this->registerTask( "unpublish", "publish"); } function edit() { JRequest::setVar( "view", "auto" ); JRequest::setVar( "layout", "form" ); JRequest::setVar("hidemainmenu", 1); parent::display(); } function save() { $model = $this->getModel("auto"); if ($model->store($post)) { $msg = JText::_( "Auto Saved!" ); } else { $msg = JText::_( "Error Saving Auto" ); } $link = "index.php option=com_auto"; $this->setRedirect($link, $msg); } function remove(){ $model = $this->getModel("auto"); if(!$model->delete()) { $msg = JText::_( "Error: One or more Autos could not be Deleted" ); } else { $msg = JText::_( "Auto(s) Deleted" ); } $this->setRedirect( "index.php option=com_auto", $msg ); } function publish(){ $this->setRedirect( "index.

php option=com_auto" ); $db =& JFactory::getDBO(); $user =& JFactory::getUser(); $cid = JRequest::getVar( "cid", array(), "post", "array" ); $task = JRequest::getCmd( "task" ); $publish = ($task == "publish"); $n = count( $cid ); if (empty( $cid )) { return JError::raiseWarning( 500, JText::_( "No items selected" ) ); } JArrayHelper::toInteger( $cid ); $cids = implode( ",", $cid ); $query = "UPDATE #__auto" . " SET published = " . (int) $publish [ 283 ].

Your Own Compone .net framework pdf417 nts, Modules, and Plug-ins . " WHERE id IN ( ".

$cids ." )" ; $db->setQuery( $query ); if (!$db->query()) { return JError::raiseWarning( 500, $row->getError() ); } $this->setMessage( JText::sprintf( $publish "Items published" : "Items unpublished", $n ) ); } function cancel(){ $msg = JText::_( "Operation Cancelled" ); $this->setRedirect( "index.php option=com_auto", $msg ); } } >.

This controller implements the edit, save, remove, publish, and cancel methods. The model is instantiated within these methods and when required, the store method, for example, is called in the model. Messages about success or failure are output by means of the JText and JError static classes:.

View for the Lis VS .NET PDF 417 t (/administration/components/views/autos/view.html.

php). This time the view is a bit larger since the toolbar has to be added. /administration/ VS .NET barcode pdf417 components/views/autos/view.html.

php:. < php defined ("_JEXEC") or die(); jimport( "joomla.application.component.

view" ); class AutosViewAutos extends JView { function display($tpl = null) { JToolBarHelper::title( JText::_( "Auto Manager" ), "generic.png" ); JToolBarHelper::publishList(); JToolBarHelper::unpublishList(); [ 284 ]. 15 JToolBarHelp PDF417 for .NET er::deleteList(); JToolBarHelper::editListX(); JToolBarHelper::addNewX(); $items = & $this->get( "Data"); $this->assignRef("items", $items); parent::display($tpl); } }. The JToolbarHelper class takes care of the display. Template List (/ pdf417 2d barcode for .NET administration/components/views/autos/tmpl/default.php).

The list does, o f course, also have to be formatted, and therefore the appropriate default template is readied.. /administration/ .net vs 2010 PDF 417 components/views/autos/tmpl/default.php:.

< php defined ("_JEXEC") or die("Restricted access"); > <form action="index.php" method="post" name="adminForm"> <div id="editcell"> <table class="adminlist"><thead><tr> <th width="5">< php echo JText::_( "NUM" ); ></th> <th width="20"> <input type="checkbox" name="toggle" value="" onclick="checkAll(< php echo count( $this->items ); >);" /></th> <th class="title">< php echo JHTML::_("grid.sort", "Auto", "a.

text", @$lists["order_Dir"], @$this->lists["order"] ); ></th> <th width="5%" align="center">< php echo JHTML::_("grid.sort", "Published", "a.published", @$this->lists["order_Dir"], @$this->lists["order"] ); ></th> <th width="1%" nowrap="nowrap">< php echo JHTML::_("grid.

sort", "ID", "", @$this->lists["order_Dir"], @$this->lists["order"] ); ></th> </tr></thead> < php $k = 0; for ($i=0, $n=count( $this->items ); $i < $n; $i++) { $row = &$this->items[$i]; $published = JHTML::_("grid.published", $row, $i ); $link = JRoute::_( "index.

php option=com_auto&controller=auto&task=edit&cid[]=". $row->id ); [ 285 ]. Your Own Compone PDF-417 2d barcode for .NET nts, Modules, and Plug-ins > <tr class="< php echo "row$k"; >"> <td></td> <td></td> <td><a href="< php echo $link; >">< php echo $row->text; ></a></td> <td align="center">< php echo $published; ></td> <td align="center">< php echo $row->id; ></td> </tr> < php $k = 1 - $k; } > </table></div> <input type="hidden" name="option" value="com_auto" /> <input type="hidden" name="task" value="" /> <input type="hidden" name="boxchecked" value="0" /> <input type="hidden" name="controller" value="auto" /> </form>. This template co ntains fairly simple HTML, packed into a form. It takes care of the display of the table:. View Form (/admi .net framework pdf417 2d barcode nistration/components/views/auto/view.html.

php). The individual v iew of the automobiles also has to controlled. Pay attention to the name of the subdirectory. We are now in the auto folder; the list is located in the auto folder.

. /administration/ pdf417 for .NET components/views/auto/view.html.

php:. < php defined ("_JEXEC") or die(); jimport( "joomla.application.component.

view" ); [ 286 ]. 15 class AutosV pdf417 for .NET iewAuto extends JView { function display($tpl = null) { $auto =& $this->get("Data"); $isNew = ($auto->id < 1); $text = $isNew JText::_( "New" ) : JText::_( "Edit" ); JToolBarHelper::title( JText::_( "Auto" ).": <small>[ " .

$text." ]</ small>" ); JToolBarHelper::save(); if ($isNew) { JToolBarHelper::cancel(); } else { JToolBarHelper::cancel( "cancel", "Close" ); } $this->assignRef("auto", $auto); parent::display($tpl); } }. The toolbar for the individual view is constructed in this listing. This view can be used for adding and changing datasets. The variable $isNew differentiates between the two cases.

. Template Formula PDF 417 for .NET r (/administration/components/views/auto/ tmpl/form.php).

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