Click on Finish and you should be redirected to the Cacti login screen. in .NET Paint PDF417 in .NET Click on Finish and you should be redirected to the Cacti login screen.

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1. using vs .net tomake pdf417 in web,windows application ISO QR Code standard The last page provides an ove .NET PDF 417 rview of all required binaries and paths. If you have followed the installation steps correctly, all fields should be green:.

Click on Finish and you should be redirected to the Cacti login screen. What just happened You finalized your Cacti inst allation by running the included web-based installer. If you have been following the instructions correctly, you will now have a working Cacti installation. The installation will leave you with the default cmd.

php poller. If you want to use Spine, you will now have to logon to the Cacti web interface and set the Spine Poller File Path in the Paths section of the Settings page. You also have to change the Poller Type to Spine in the Poller section.

. [ 25 ]. Installing Cacti The Cacti web interface explained The first time you login, use the username admin and password admin (for Linux) or cactipw (for Windows). You will be forced to change the admin password but, after doing so, you will be presented with the Cacti web interface:. The initial page is called th visual .net barcode pdf417 e Console and only administrators and users with special access rights are able to see it. From here you can fully administer Cacti.

. The Console tab The Console tab is where you Visual Studio .NET PDF-417 2d barcode manage your Cacti installation. From here you can add devices and users or create graphs and assign them to a tree.

We"re going to explain each of the menu sections next.. Create section The Create section provides a pdf417 2d barcode for .NET n easy access for new graph creations for specific devices. It"s a shortcut to the Create Graphs link within each device.

. [ 26 ]. 1 . Management section The Management section, as it PDF417 for .NET s name suggests, allows the management of graphs, devices, data sources, and graph trees. Within this section you can add/edit or delete devices, delete graphs, add devices to trees, and much more.

. Collection methods section The Collection Methods sectio pdf417 2d barcode for .NET n describes the different ways in which Cacti retrieves data from devices or systems. Here you can manage data queries such as SNMP retrieve methods, or manage the different input methods which are used by external scripts called from the poller.

. Templates section The Templates section provide PDF417 for .NET s an easy way of combining data templates into a graph (graph templates), graphs, and data queries for a specific type of host (host templates), or different data source items (data templates). Many graph, data, and host templates are available on the Cacti forums.

. Import/export section The Import/Export section all VS .NET PDF417 ows the import and export of templates. This is especially useful for providing templates of exotic devices to the Cacti community, or to import them from one of the many provided on the Cacti forum.

Cacti doesn"t yet provide a method for importing or exporting other data (for example, device lists) from within the web interface.. Configuration section Within the Configuration sect pdf417 for .NET ion we can change the settings of Cacti. These settings include:.

General settings (for example , logging levels) Paths settings (similar to the paths page from the installer) Poller settings (number of threads, or poller type to use) Graph export settings (graphs can be exported to a local path or remote FTP server) Visual settings (size of the graphs, font size to use) Authentication settings (local authentication, LDAP, or HTTP Basic). Utilities section The Utilities section provide s access to some basic system tools such as log or poller cache management and also hosts the user management interface.. [ 27 ]. Installing Cacti The Graphs tab The Graphs tab is the main sc reen for end users. Here they can view the graphs for their devices and systems and also change some personal settings:. The Graphs tab contains a hie .net framework pdf417 2d barcode rarchical tree to the left containing all of the devices which a user is allowed to view. The main part of the page contains the graphs and a filtering system which can be used to customize the timeframe or to search for specific graphs.

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