echo "Select id from data_local;" | mysql -B -N -L -u $dbUser -password=$dbPwd cacti in .NET Generation PDF-417 2d barcode in .NET echo "Select id from data_local;" | mysql -B -N -L -u $dbUser -password=$dbPwd cacti

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echo "Selec t id from data_local;" . generate, create pdf417 none on .net projects GS1 DataBar Overview mysql -B -N -L -u $dbUser -password=$dbPwd cacti This comman d will list all datasource IDs from the Cacti database. Using these IDs the script then goes on and cycles through each of the RRD files found in the rra directory. If the filename matches the data ID, it marks it as valid; otherwise it is marked as orphaned.

The line of the script that actually performs the deletion of the file is commented out. You can choose whatever you like to do with the file, for example, just rename it or move it to another directory..

[ 136 ]. 6 . When execut pdf417 for .NET ing this script, you will see an output similar to the following:. A short overview of the Cacti CLI functionality As you"ve l .net vs 2010 barcode pdf417 earned in previous chapters, Cacti comes with several CLI scripts suitable for some of Cacti"s maintenance tasks. The CLI scripts can be found in the cli directory of the base Cacti installation.

The cli directory contains two repair scripts which you may want to use in case of database corruption or template errors, and if you do not want to lose all the configuration data since your last backup.. Repairing templates It may happ .NET PDF417 en that some of the data or graph templates have errors. You can then try to repair these templates by using the repair_templates.

php script. Issue the following command to check for errors. Using the execute parameter will help fix any errors shown:.

cd /var/www/html/cacti/cli php repair_templates.php The followi .net vs 2010 pdf417 ng output will be shown on a working system:. [ 137 ]. Cacti Maintenance Repairing the database Cacti also .net vs 2010 PDF 417 provides a repair utility for checking and repairing the database structure. Using the repair_database.

php script may save you from restoring an older database backup. The following script should be run in order to check for any database issues:. cd /var/www/html/cacti/cli php repair_database.php The followi PDF 417 for .NET ng output will be shown on a working system:. Pop Quiz a few questions about 6 1. Where do Visual Studio .NET PDF417 you add a new scheduled task a.

To the config.php file of Cacti b. To the /etc/tasks file c.

To a new file in the /etc/cron.d directory 2. What MySQL command will you need to run after a full restoration on a newly installed system a.

mysql -u cactiuser -p cacti import cacti_database_20101004.. b. mysql -u cactiuser -p cacti restore cacti_database_20101004.sql c. mysql -u cactiuser -p cacti < cacti_database_20101004.sql 3. What fil e do you need to change if you want to have the automated backup run at 22:00 each day a. /etc/tasks b.

/etc/cron.d/cacti c..

/etc/cron.d/cactiBackup [ 138 ]. 6 . Summary. You should PDF417 for .NET now be able to create automated backups of your Cacti installation as well as do some basic maintenance work. Specifically, you"ve covered:.

Creating an automated database and file backup how to create a full Cacti database backup together with all-important Cacti data files Restoring from a backup how to restore a database backup and restoring single or all Cacti files Managing the Cacti log file how to include the Cacti log file in logrotate"s configuration Basic Cacti file maintenance how to check for orphaned RRD files Using Cacti repair utilities how to use the Cacti CLI scripts for repairing templates and the database. You should .net vs 2010 PDF 417 now be able to perform some basic Cacti maintenance tasks. In the next chapter, you"re going to learn how to retrieve performance data from network devices and servers using various methods.

You"re going to configure Windows servers and VMWare ESX systems so you can monitor the performance of these within your Cacti installation. You"re also going to learn how to use the WMI interface for retrieving detailed performance statistics from Windows based operating systems..

[ 139 ]. Network and Server Monitoring Let"s now l ook at how you set up the different devices to be monitored by Cacti. In this chapter you"ll learn how to set up some Cisco devices and prepare Windows systems to be monitored using WMI..

In this cha Visual Studio .NET PDF417 pter we are going to:. Provide a s hort overview of device monitoring Describe the setup of Cisco network devices Configure a VMware ESX server Prepare a Windows system for WMI monitoring. Let"s start!.
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