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3. use jvm code 128a generating todisplay code 128 barcode for java rfid We also added t code128b for Java he HTML and Form helpers to the Tasks controller by adding the following line: var $helpers = array("Html", "Form");.. Helpers are spe cial modules of CakePHP that provide functions that are commonly needed in views to format and present data in useful ways.. Next, we create Code 128 Code Set B for Java the view for the add action by adding the file add.ctp in the /CakeTooDoo/apps/views/tasks directory. In add.

ctp, we first use the CakePHP Form helper to create a HTML form to accept data for the Tasks model using the code:. echo $form->create("Task");. The Form Helper jsp code128b has useful functions that help in creating HTML forms that can easily show or insert data using a Cake Model.. The HTML Input tags for entering the Title and Status of a task is created using echo $form->input("title"); and echo $form->input("done");. Lastly, we add echo $form->end("Add Task"); to close the form and add the submit button with the label "Add Task"..

You will notice j2se barcode standards 128 that the creation and modification times are not sent by the add form. This is because CakePHP automatically adds the time to fields that are of the type datetime and are named "created" or "modified". Each time a task is added, Cake saves the time to the field "created".

And whenever, a task is edited, it saves the time to the field "modified".. Lastly, we link the index (List All Tasks) and the add page (Add New Task) by using the HTML helper. Adding $html->link("Add Task", array("action"=>"add")); to index.ctp creates a hyperlink to the Add Task page.

And adding $html->link("List All Tasks", array("action"=>" index")); to add.ctp adds a HTML hyperlink to the List All Task page..

There are many Code128 for Java useful functions in the HTML helper that can make writing long HTML tags history. Here, we used the function link() that created HTML anchor tags. The first parameter passed to this function is the label of the link, and the second parameter is an array that points to the action to be linked to.

. [ 35 ]. A Quick App Editing a Task Now that we can Code128 for Java add tasks to CakeTooDoo, the next thing that we will be doing is to have the ability to edit tasks. This is necessary because the users should be able to tick on a task when it has been completed. Also, if the users are not happy with the title of the task, they can change it.

To have these features in CakeTooDoo, we will need to add another action to our Tasks Controller and also add a view for this action. Time for Action: Creating the Edit Task Form 1. Open the file tasks_controller.

php and add a new action named edit as shown in the following code:. function edit($ id = null) { if (!$id) { $this->Session->setFlash("Invalid Task"); $this->redirect(array("action"=>"index"), null, true); } if (empty($this->data)) { $this->data = $this->Task->find(array("id" => $id)); } else { if ($this->Task->save($this->data)) { $this->Session->setFlash("The Task has been saved"); $this->redirect(array("action"=>"index"), null, true); } else { $this->Session->setFlash("The Task could not be saved. Please, try again."); } } }.

2. Inside the d servlet ANSI/AIM Code 128 irectory /CakeTooDoo/app/views/tasks, create a new file named "edit.ctp" and add the following code to it:.

< php echo $ form->create("Task"); > <fieldset> <legend>Edit Task</legend> < php echo $form->hidden("id"); echo $form->input("title"); echo $form->input("done"); > </fieldset> < php echo $form->end("Save"); >. [ 36 ]. 3 . 3. We will be a code 128 barcode for Java ccessing the Task Edit Form from the List All Task page. So, let"s add a link from the List All Tasks page to the Edit Task page.

Open the index.ctp file in /CakeTooDoo/app/views directory, and replace the HTML comment <!-- different actions on tasks will be added here later --> with the following code:. < php echo $html->link("Edit", array("action"=>"edit", $task["Task"]["id"])); > 4. Now open the Code 128 Code Set C for Java List All Tasks page in the browser by pointing it to http://localhost/CakeTooDoo/tasks/index and we will see an edit link beside all the tasks. Click on the edit link of the task you want to edit, and this will take you to do the Edit Task form, as shown below:.

5. Now let us a dd links in the Edit Task Form page to the List All Tasks and Add New Task page. Add the following code to the end of edit.

ctp in /CakeTooDoo/app/views:. < php echo $ Java USS Code 128 html->link("List All Tasks", array("action"=>" index")); ><br /> < php echo $html->link("Add Task", array("action"=>"add")); >. [ 37 ].
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