2: The Initial Compiere Setup in .NET Render Code 3/9 in .NET 2: The Initial Compiere Setup

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2: The Initial Compiere Setup using barcode generation for visual studio .net control to generate, create 39 barcode image in visual studio .net applications. interleaved 25 It must provide an open so Code 3 of 9 for .NET urce advantage Compiere editions Getting more information Getting Compiere Summary Compiere Terminology Compiere setup overview Starting and stopping the Application Server Launching Compiere and logging in The Compiere menu and windows The Compiere menu Compiere transaction window Initial set-up process Defining the account elements (Chart of Accounts) import Setting up a tenant Defining the calendar, year, and periods Setting up your organizations Setting up your warehouses and locators Set up and verify your account element tree Setting up and verify your accounting schema rules Understanding Unit of Measures (UOM) and conversions Document sequences Creating a user Set up roles Creating a role Summary The Sales Overview Defining your business partners Proxy business partners Linked organization business partners Credit management Entering leads and converting to business partners Sales order to invoice processing Sales order delivery rules Sales order invoicing rules. [ ii ] Accounting Schema overview Account Combinations and aliases Desktop launch Web launch 20 21 22 22 24 24 26 28 28 VS .NET barcode 3 of 9 30 32 32 33 34 36 40 42 43 44 45 47 49 51 51 51 56 57 59 62 62. 15 16 16 17 17. 22 23. 36 39. 3: Customers and the Sales Process Table of Contents Manually generating invoices from orders Batch generation of invoices Reporting on open orders Finding sales order documents Zoom on field names 63 63 66 66 67. Document status and actions Order info view Order and invoicing reports User list reporting with or without querying Return Material Authorization (RMA). RMA category Return polici .net framework barcode 3/9 es Customer RMA (Return Material Authorizations) Return credit memo Distribution runs Default accounts Receivables accounts Revenue accounting Cost of sales accounting Tax accounting Summary of the accounts posting. 67 68 69 69. Sales processing accounting consequences 70 70 70 70 70 71 71 71 71 72 72. 4: Product and Material Management The product definition Describing a product Setting up a Product Price Lists Summary. 75 76 77 79. Managing Products as Servi Code 3 of 9 for .NET ces Material Management Warehouse Overview Adjusting Product Quantities Moving Inventory. Physical Inventory Entry Internal Use Inventory Pricing logic flow Illustrating a price list increase Pricing Decimal Precisions 85 85 85 86 89. 79 82 84. 87 88 89 91 92 94. Product Costing and Accounting Typical Accounting of product warehouse transactions [ iii ]. Material Shipments to Cust visual .net Code 3/9 omers Material Receipts from Vendors Internal Inventory Move Product Replenishment. 96 97. Table of Contents 5: Procurement Management The Procurement flow Requi Visual Studio .NET barcode 3/9 sition documents The Purchase Order Capturing the Purchase Order Material Receipt. Capturing the Material Receipt Basic Product Reports Available Product Info Window Summary 102 103 104 105 107 109 109. 98 98 99. Accounts Payable (AP) invoice Capturing the AP invoice 6: Compiere Financial Management Matching the Purchase Orde r, Receipt, and Invoice Manually matching lines Vendor payments Batch processing Manual selection of invoices for payment Returns to vendors Compiere accounting for Procurement Procurement reports Summary Accounting terminology in Compiere Understanding the accounting entry Accounting setup flow Calendar year and period Account elements Accounting schema and information dimensions General Ledger (GL) document types Accounting info view Open item management Payment selection Paying vendors Accounts Receivable and Payable Ledger Reconciliation Cash management and banking reconciliation The Bank in transit account reconciliation Posting General Ledger journals (GL journals) Unposted documents Financial reporting Financial reporting hierarchy. [ iv ] Rules in processing accounting documents Invoices for expense items (charges). 124 125 126 126 129 130 13 Code 3/9 for .NET 1 133 134 135 136 137 140 141 142 144 145. 111 113 114 114 117 118 11 9 121 122. Table of Contents 7: Advanced Aspects Running the financial repo Code 39 Full ASCII for .NET rt Other available financial reports Summary The Compiere Application Dictionary (AD) Table and columns System elements Validation rules Reference Windows, Tabs, and Fields Forms Info windows Report Views Reports and processes Setting up a Compiere menu item Adding a new field to a window and database Adding our custom field to the Order window Setting up a basic approval workflow Illustrative workflow example Defining a custom node in a workflow Testing the workflow Summary. 153 155 156 157 158 159 16 0 161 161 162 163 164 169 170 171 172 175 177 179 180 180 180 181 182 182 182. 146 148 151. 8: Project Planning for Go-Live and Beyond Managing people (and the p Code 3/9 for .NET roject) for success Finish with the people you start with The people you start with are not necessary the people you end-up with Project communication and follow up Project documentation control Technical and infrastructure go-live Hardware and environment for development and testing Hardware and environment for production. Hosted versus on-premise i nstallation Stress testing and performance tuning Network and security environment Backup-strategy The technical go-Live The functional go-live.
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