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Entering, Displaying, and Deleting the Stock using software toembed code 39 full ascii for web,windows application C# Adding the ViewController class for entering information of the master products The View Controller that we are going to add to the application is the AddMasterProductController class that will provide us a view to add a new Master Product. The steps for adding the view controller are as follows: 1. Right-click on the Classes folder and select the Add .

New File option. 2. barcode 39 for None Select the template as: UIViewController subclass option.

3. Don"t forget to select the checkbox: With XIB for user interface followed by the Next button. 4.

Specify the name of the new UIViewController subclass with XIB as AddMasterProductController.m. 5.

Keep the checkbox: Also create AddMasterProductController.h checked followed by the Finish button. Three files, AddMasterProductController.

h, AddMasterProductController.m, and AddMasterProductController.xib will be created in the Class folder.

6. Drag the AddMasterProductController.xib from the Classes to the Resources folder the usual location for the XIB files.

. In the AddMasterProd uctController"s header file we will define protocol, outlets, and action methods. First of all, we define a protocol with the name: AddMasterProductControllerDelegate. We define an instance variable by the name: delegate (any name) of type id <AddMasterProductControllerDelegate>.

We also define an object of the MasterProduct class with the name: mastprod that will hold the master product"s information (that is entered by the user). Also, three instance variables: itemname, quantity, and price of the UITextField class and an instance variable: prodimage of the UIImageView class are defined and marked as outlets (these outlets will be connected to the three Text Field controls and the UIImageView control that we will be dropping in the View for entering item name, quantity, price, and image of the master product)..

AddMasterProductCont barcode 3 of 9 for None roller class: AddMasterProductController.h:. // // AddMasterProductController.h prob Defining protocol, outlets, and action methods in the header file We will write the code as shown in the following header file of the #import <UIKit/UI Software 3 of 9 Kit.h> [ 232 ]. 9 #import "MasterPr oduct.h" @protocol AddMasterProductControllerDelegate; @interface AddMasterProductController : UIViewController <UINavigationControllerDelegate, UIImagePickerControllerDelegate>{ id <AddMasterProductControllerDelegate> delegate; MasterProduct *mastprod; IBOutlet UIBarButtonItem *cancelbutton; IBOutlet UIBarButtonItem *savebutton; IBOutlet UITextField *itemname; IBOutlet UITextField *quantity; IBOutlet UITextField *price; IBOutlet UIImageView *prodimage; } @property(nonatomic, @property(nonatomic, delegate; @property(nonatomic, @property(nonatomic, @property(nonatomic, @property(nonatomic, @property(nonatomic, @property(nonatomic, retain) MasterProduct *mastprod; retain) id <AddMasterProductControllerDelegate> retain) retain) retain) retain) retain) retain) IBOutlet UIBarButtonItem *cancelbutton; IBOutlet UIBarButtonItem *savebutton; UITextField *itemname; UITextField *quantity; UITextField *price; UIImageView *prodimage;. -(IBAction) cancel:( USS Code 39 for None id) sender; -(IBAction) save:(id)sender; -(IBAction) selectimagebutton:(id)sender; @end @protocol AddMasterProductControllerDelegate -(void) addmastprodController:(AddMasterProductController *)controller selectedsave:(BOOL) save; @end. [ 233 ]. Entering, Displaying, and Deleting the Stock We can see in the pr eceding code that two instance variables of the UIBarButtonItem class: cancelbutton and savebutton are defined and marked as outlets. These two outlets will be connected to the two Bar Button Items (that we will soon drag-and-drop on the View) with the titles: Save and Cancel (they will invoke the respective action methods to save or discard the Master Product"s information). Three action methods are also defined by the name: cancel, save, and selectimagebutton that will be connected to the two Bar Button Items: Cancel and Save and to the Round Rect button control respectively.

All the instance variables are defined as properties with the two attributes: retain and nonatomic for generating their accessors and mutators. We also define the method of the AddMasterProductControllerDelegate (between the @protocol and @end directives). We define the method: addmastprodController, that is, the class which will conform to this protocol will have to implement this method.

After adding the preceding code, we save the header file.. Designing the View of the MasterProductController class and connecting controls The View of the AddM asterProductController class will be used to enter information for the new master products.. The AddMasterProduct Code 39 Full ASCII for None Controller class will be invoked from the View of the MasterProductInfoController class. This is the class we will be creating in the second module and will display Master Product"s menu to invoke the methods to save, delete, and so on the information of the master products..

The View will consis t of three Labels, three Text Fields, a Round Rect button and a UIImageView control. The three Text Fields will be used to enter the name, price, and quantity in hand of the Master Product. The Round Rect button control will invoke the ImagePicker control to select the image of the Master Product.

Let us start with the designing of the View by following the given steps: 1. From the Resources group in the Xcode Project window, open the AddMasterProductController.xib file in the Interface Builder and drag-anddrop three Labels, three Text Fields, a Round Rect button control, and a UIImageView control in the View.

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