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System cache generate, create qr code iso/iec18004 none with .net projects POSTNET System cache may be accessed from Site Global Confi guration. Another way is to enable the System - Cache plugin from the Plugin Manager. Enabling the cache will often offer a signi cant performance boost.

Cache might not agree with Cyrillic and special characters.. [ 25 ]. Installation and Configuration Gzip To enable Gzi p compression on your Joomla! website, navigate to the site"s Global Configuration page and then to the Server tab. Set GZIP Page Compression to Yes. HTML pages sent to your browser can be compressed using Gzip compression.

Most web servers support Gzip compression, which can shrink your site"s pages by 70 percent to 90 percent. This will result in reduced bandwidth and faster page loads for your visitors. However, Gzip compression will also use more of your server"s processing power.

Try enabling Gzip and see if your site loads any faster. If it doesn"t, or if you get CPU warnings from your host, disable Gzip. It may hurt your website, but it most often helps it.

. Other optimization techniques There are a f ew other optimization techniques that may come in handy. Some of these are listed in the following sections..

Template Most template s use many separate images to display a page. Each image generates a new HTTP request. The problem becomes larger when those images are not small in size and are not optimized.

You can run your site through the Website Analyzer at

html to determine how your templates perform, and then make the recommended changes to improve your templates performance.. Components Joomla! appea rs to have at least one component that is available for almost any task that you require. However, most of these components are not very ef cient and may dramatically slow down your site. Typically, the more the functionality that a component offers, the more it is likely to slow down your site.

Choose an extension that does just the task that you need to be done and nothing else.. [ 26 ]. 1 . SEF makes you visual .net qr bidimensional barcode r site URL"s look much better. The Joomla! core does an acceptable job, but keep in mind that using SEF URLs is a trade-off.

A good URL will look better to a search engine and to end users, but it hurts the load time. Think carefully before deciding to enable SEF URLs. This is, however, just a suggestion, because some people do have the conviction that search engine ranking is far better than load time.

In the nal analysis, you may nd it more useful to work on the template and other assets.. Summary. In this chapt qr codes for .NET er we have learned: To install Joomla! 1.5 on a local computer To install Joomla! 1.

5 on a remote server To con gure Joomla! at the backend To create and organize content Basic Joomla! administration To extend basic Joomla!. [ 27 ]. Buzzy Beez Building a Company Site Buzzy Beez is a small company that intends to put information about their business and products on the Internet. They are looking to build a website that will capture the company"s main information for the use of clients and customers, so that they can cut their costs of printing brochures, catalogues, and other essential promotional literature. Buzzy Beez want their website to have: An "About Us" page describing their business A repository from where the company"s brochures and software can be downloaded A "Latest Company Information" blog to tell the world what the company is currently doing A Contact form that site visitors can use to send e-mails to Buzzy Beez.

Buzzy Beez Building a Company Site The nished w ebsite should look similar to the following screenshot:. Build Buzzy Beez"s site To build the website for Buzzy Beez, we will: Create an "About Us" page Create a new documents repository called "Downloads", in which Buzzy Beez can list and upload all of their brochures, software, and so on Display a page view of the list of publications Create page views of information about the company and products, submitted as blog posts Create a simple Contact form Create a simple menu to link to the content. [ 30 ].
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