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Finishing up use visual .net qr code iso/iec18004 generation toreceive qr-codes with .net Oracle Reports Service Our site, as w VS .NET qrcode e can see from the preview, is completed. In real life, however, many more categories and subcategories may be required, but the procedure for doing this is still basically the same.

. Adding functionality There are othe .net framework QR-Code r directory extensions available that may do as good as a job as SOBI2. A search of the Joomla! extensions site and especially the following page will show some similar extensions:. directory. A lot of other QR Code for .NET extensions are also available to make your SOBI2 experience more exciting. These can be viewed on the following website:. Summary. In this chapte r, you have learned to: Build a basic directory site by using SOBI2 component for Joomla! Con gure the relevant SOBI2 basic settings Con gure SOBI2 categories and subcategories Con gure the SOBI2 payment option. [ 178 ]. Nosh"r Building a Photo Sharing Site William and El QR-Code for .NET izabeth Bunter are organizing an online food appreciation community. They intend to enroll members from all over the world to share their food photos on their new website Nosh"r.

Here, the users will submit photos of their food for all of the other members to admire and rate by means of stars. Photos will be classi ed into several categories: starters, main courses, desserts, and drinks. The Nosh"r website will have the following features: Photo galleries for several food categories (starters, main courses, desserts, and drinks) A simple photo uploading form, which will also permit detailed descriptions of uploaded items to be entered A star rating system and comment form for each added contribution.

Nosh r Building a Photo Sharing Site The completed visual .net qrcode website should look similar to the example shown in the following screenshot:. Build Nosh"r Billy and Bess QR Code for .NET ie, as they are fondly known by their many friends from all over the world, will do anything for the promotion of gastronomic delights, and Nosh"r is a child of their zeal. On this website, registered users will be permitted to post pictures of the exciting foods and drinks that they have just consumed (taken before the food and drink are consumed), or that they have just discovered in an exotic eating place somewhere in the world.

These photos will typically be accompanied by a description or a recipe and will be displayed in an image gallery on the website with facilities for other members to add comments and also to appreciate by means of a ve-star rating system. For this website to become a reality, we need to do the following: Create an image gallery Enable the categorization of food images by class of food (starters, main courses, desserts, and drinks) Enable the rating of and commenting on submitted food images. [ 180 ]. 9 . Template The template c QRCode for .NET hosen (and for no particular reason other than it looks pleasant for the project) is JA_Purity, which comes with the Joomla! 1.5 download.

. Extensions This site will qrcode for .NET be built entirely around the Phoca Gallery component, which is an image gallery for Joomla!. This component was chosen on the basis of popularity.

. Other extensions The core modul QR for .NET e that will be used for this site is: Main Menu module creates primary navigation for the site pages. Install Joomla!. When you are i .NET QR Code nstalling Joomla! 1.5 from the Full Package, you are given the option to install sample data also.

Do not select this option or you will nd your website preloaded with superfluous data none of which is remotely relevant to this project.. Install Phoca Gallery Phoca Gallery qr-codes for .NET can be downloaded from http://extensions.joomla.

org. In order to install it, use the Extensions Manager from the top menu bar and navigate as usual to Extension . Install/Unins tall to upload the component. You will be led though the installation from the rst screen, which is shown in the following screenshot:. [ 181 ].
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