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can be used 5"auth r ticatethi: exchange by symmetricencryption of exch nge parameters. using .net vs 2010 tointegrate code 39 extended with web,windows application GS1 General Specifications Oakley Exchange E .net framework Code 39 Extended xample Ihe_Oakley s~~.~fication ~cllldM~-pJ}l!.

lll~Qt exaUl"u.1 :s f ex h.~~g~s t~!.

.~!e p u. allowable under~!~~J~!.< !~~. 1.give a lavorof Oakley, we present one examQle, . "fo called aggressive k~~_~2~~.~.~~I!~~ }u~..t~~.~~~~fication, so called because only three messag~. )lL~~~~J1g~~. ... . o. CHAPTER 6 / IP SECURlTY ~lJ.Ie ~tor 6JL~1}g.""Y~,1h~" visual .net USS Code 39 .

~gl~Le.~~~~e.< ~~I.

~:\(Eh~.I}~~.R!P!2" 91.

th~~~~~!_s_~e"p-,-!l1~ In (I) _tE~J:!.sl!1.i!~_,!: .

k!e, ~h~gF9~1 J9y_~.~.s_~.

d, aIJ:gX~.publi~ ! iffie.:-.


key for.tIi &.-~~ h~IJ:g~.

I lIso !1l.dicate.,s!he_ ~~~!.

ed ml~U :k~Y"ellCJ;Yl !i(),p,hash. an~ ~uthentication algoritlw1s to be us ""din thjs exchange. Also included in this me_~~age are the identifiers of I and the responder (R) and l"U!.

9n ~ JQLlh.! _t xchang~. n U ""~ F!~~ fY aIJReQ~~:i~.

i~_ "~ -"~~i~ "~ "!tY !~key th <:lt~ ignS,Jh e ,tw Qjel" ~,n_J ti,~rs,the "~.i. : !,,. ", ,,. ~-~~~~! ~-~~,~ 2~th~Q!!!!~Ji~nm~nkey, and the off~re_dalgoritbms. pub,li " ,,. ~Y.ll~IlJ~,IeCeiy Code39 for .NET e_~Llbs.

unt; ~<!ge, Ryerif!es_t4e~ignature using l"s public signing ~. ~.ackn~ledges the message by echoing back l"s cookie, identifier, anclnonce, as welt.

as.the.~"lr iso rnclii(f sin the message a cookie, R:l".

mfi~..:Hellm,an ".

" publi .k~,.~t~Q,j~1g2I.

ill2!!ls (which must be among the offered algorithms),. JDjdenti i~~!l Y.,{oElh~.s,,~,~ .h~!!ge. f1ngUX.t,g,qppends-.awsignatw;e."using R"s private key t VS .NET barcode 3/9 hat signs the ~2Jdenl~s, the t~9_.9,Q.

t), ~~At.b.~~p.

.ibe t\yo Diffie-H~.L~3J1-IlU.

bJi .!~ , ~d the, selected algorithms. When I rec_~ly.

~~,Jh~.."se2 ilcf"-message,tver!fi~_~)he3ignatur.

e.Jlsi!1g R"s Pll~Jic.~ei Th~.


Y..illy~~Jiijh iii~sage a~~mr.

e th(it tl1i~i~not a replay of an old message. 1.Q.


xchange., must send a message back to R to verify I ~liatT1ias received ~~~.p~ l~cJ~~Y.

. ISAKMP I~AKMP define~,pr barcode 3 of 9 for .NET ocedll!e,~~I].5Ipacl<:et ()rm"!ts tO,e,st~ lish,.


f 11l9-SU.~g~ delete se~ll~~tY.~1;lJ"~~j~!i.

~~. As part of SA establishment, ISAKMP defines Qayloads fQL~xchanging key genera!iQnJln. lallth~nti a.


Qata.These payload formMs pro~ .onsiste~~~~~~Qrk indeEendent of tbe spp.

rifi~"k;;.y;XCh;;;-re proto, ol, encryptionafgorithm1 ang iJ.yJ;b~uticati.

oJ1 ,m~khani~m. ISAKMP Header Format An ISAKM1 _~~sag~_consists of~~XS~~~rJl~.a.

.q~r_! !low~d by !l~ or more payloads. AH of this is carried in a transport protocol.

The spec fication dictates that impkmentations must support the use of UDP for the transport protocol. 5g,,~~g.a sh()~s tl1e",~~~.

f L~~l1l~A.KMB.,mess.


ll consists 2L. tbe foUowing.ti~lds:. ~tiator <:~okie ~ 64 bil~: Cookie of ~Il!itY-ll:1.atj!litia!~9. es!ablishIll~nt, SA SA notification, or SA deletion. . Resp~n.~ C:ookie .net framework Code39 (64 hi~): Cookie of resJ2ondin~ en!i!y; nun,~irs~~e from 111llIator.


.- ". Next Payload (8 bits): Indicates the type of the first I avload in the message; payloads are discussed in the next subsection.

i4 bits): IIl~ .~~.!~.

E:I_~.r ersiq!L9..


M Ju...

\,! 51 v are discus~d. . M.3i2! "y~r!io~ . Minm:.YwjmJ..J.i.t!i$s}: Indic~t.~s mirar ~xchange TIPe (8 bits): In..dicates the type 2~xcha~..i.J~se F1~gU;8..bits): T Visual Studio .

NET Code39 ndicatp.s spe.cifj&QlUiQ1l~~11g!Jpis ~S~!<MP exchan~.

~ts s~i.~~1t!led: !~~.!2~~~~ !i2E~! H,L~~L-jL~~" ~J12~~J.

gllo~ 1. Cc:". (, f-. Notation: I R CKYI, CKYR OK_KEY ANSI/AIM Code 39 for .NET X GRP gX,gY EHAO, EHAS NIDP IDr, IDR NI,NR SKI[X], SKR[X]. = Initiator = = = = = = =. Responder Initiat or, responder cookies Key exchange message type Name ofDiffie-Hellman group for this exchange Public key of initiator, responder; gXY session key from this exchange = EncriI)i:Tori~fiasfi~authentication functions, offered and selected Indicates encryption is not used for remainder of this message Identifier for initiator, responder Random nonce supplied by initiator, responder for this exchange Indicates the signature over X using the private key (signing key) of initiator, responder. Figure 6.11 Example of Aggressive Oakley Key Exchange ...

. ..

c CI!. CHAPTER Bit:. 6 / IP SECURITY (a) ISAKMP header Bit:. RESERVED (b) Generic payload header Figure 6.12 ISAKMP Formats header are ~~~~~~ ~~.mi m, !!gg!i!hUlio~.tbjs.

M!~ T!le Commit ~jLi~~d to e!!~~re. ~~~!J;~, i!lla~~,E~L~~~t r,:.~~":~~_l !iQL~-::~ tlOnof SA estabhshment.


~---~ . l\!~s.s.a]!._!,:.~.~!.q~~Il) f ~!~i~..~.~.~,~,~~e. L_~~,g!hJ~J:Jjl~):..L"!(l1gth..Qt12J.a,!.ro.x S l~~l~~ lderplus all payloads) in octets. ISAKMP Payload "fypes Eigw; Ih~~xt b,IU~b,I.5MPpgylo

gin.$iththesame. g IJ.

~ricpayload. header shown in!.

c:Lq l - l",Y.."llll~ .

9J.Qj!lhiU .1!t~~qY1Q,.

~~he. The Payload Lengtllt!.!(lQ.. ~e~~i~~!X ~.2!.!h ~,~~~!.

E~Y!2~~;. iIlQi. 1!!~S len~ USS Code 39 for .NET th.

inoctets of thispa~load, including the generic payload header. tJ:e Iahii.&ci~~i~Alh~,~_~XW,M.


. t~Jj~fUQ!J1)AKMP, and lists the fields, or parameters, that are part of each payload. Il1~.


2!~Jq !l~W thuR l.Q!ishment of an SA. Intbis.

~~oad, the Domain of Interpretation parame-. .!~~l,s"~~I2!i~Ji ~~[QTi!i"@~,JYhi~Ii"~~;tiat Ofrt~~~heIPS c~D01 s". one example, but Visual Studio .NET 3 of 9 barcode ISAKMP can be use~exts. The Situation parameter defines the security policy for this negotiation; in essence, the levels of security required far encryption and confidentiality are specified (e.

g., sensitivity leve l, security compartment). T~rop"~~~~_p!,j"l.

Q.1!~L QD:.!~~ns.

jIJ. (m!li:lttgJ1 u ~riIJ,g..

.sAJlegQ!i,!!i()n. Ih~ payI2(ls"_!!ldi~j&.

..1h~l XQ1QcQUQr.

SA (ESP o!...

J:D for wJ!ich-&ewices...

an.d Jhis A mechanisms a!c;:~~!!l.~"!l~~~t~ lted.

payl()acf 1SO IJ. luQ~she sending entity"s SPI The t. ~ .~ ". "~ ,-". """". ._,". --,,"~,,~-,""-"-"-"--"--"-". Table 6.3 ISAKMP Payload Types Type Parameters D 3 of 9 barcode for .NET omain of Interpretation, Situation Description Used to negotiate security attributes and indicate the Dal and Situation under which negotiation is taking piace, Used during SA negotiation; indicates protocol to be used and number of transforms. Used during SA negotiation; indicates transform and related SA attributes.

Supports a variety of key exchange techniques. Used to exchange identification information. Used to transport certificates and other certificaterelated information.

Used to request certificates; indicates the types of certificates requested and the acceptable certificate authorities. Contains data generated by a hash function. Contains data generated by a digital signature function.

Contains a nonce. Used to transmit notification data, such as an error condition. Indicates an SA that is no longer valid.

. Security Association (SA). Proposal (P) Tran visual .net Code 39 Full ASCII sform (T) Key Exchange (KE) Identification (m) Certificate (CERT) Certificate Request (CR). Proposal #, Proto col-ID, SPI Size, # of Transforms, SPI Transform #, Transform,ID, Key Exchange Data SA Attributes.
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