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CHAPTER 11 / FIREWALLS generate, create qr-codes none with .net projects RM4SCC Each proxy QR-Code for .NET maintains detailed audit information by logging all traffic, each connection, and the duration of each connection. The audit log is an essential tool for discovering and terminating intruder attacks.

Each proxy module is a very small software package specifically designed for network security. Because of its relative simplicity, it is easier to check such modules for security flaws. For example, a typical UNIX mail application may contain over 20,000 lines of code, while a mail proxy may contain fewer than 1000.

Each proxy is independent of other proxies on the bastion host. If there is a problem with the operation of any proxy, or if a future vulnerability is discovered, it can be uninstalled without affecting the operation of the other proxy applications. Also, if the user population requires support for a new service, the network administrator can easily install the required proxy on the bastion host.

A proxy generally performs no disk access other than to read its initial configuration file. Hence, the portions of the file system containing executable code can be made read only. This makes it difficult for an intruder to install Trojan horse sniffers or other dangerous files on the bastion host.

Each proxy runs as a nonprivileged user in a private and secured directory on the bastion host.. Host-Based Firewalls A host-based QR for .NET firewall is a software module used to secure an individual host. Such modules are available in many operating systems or can be provided as an add-on package.

Like conventional stand-alone firewalls, host-resident firewalls filter and restrict the flow of packets. A common location for such firewalls is a server. There are several advantages to the use of a server-based or workstationbased firewall: Filtering rules can be tailored to the host environment.

Specific corporate security policies for servers can be implemented, with different filters for servers used for different application. Protection is provided independent of topology. Thus both internal and external attacks must pass through the firewall.

Used in conjunction with stand-alone firewalls, the host-based firewall provides an additional layer of protection. A new type of server can be added to the network, with its own firewall, without the necessity of altering the network firewall configuration..

Personal Firewall A personal fi Denso QR Bar Code for .NET rewall controls the traffic between a personal computer or workstation on one side and the Internet or enterprise network on the other side. Personal firewall functionality can be used in the home environment and on corporate intranets.

Typically, the personal firewall is a software module on the personal computer. In a. 11.4 / FIREWALL BASING home environm .net vs 2010 qr bidimensional barcode ent with multiple computers connected to the Internet, firewall functionality can also be housed in a router that connects all of the home computers to a DSL, cable modem, or other Internet interface. Personal firewalls are typically much less complex than either server-based firewalls or stand-alone firewalls.

The primary role of the personal firewall is to deny unauthorized remote access to the computer. The firewall can also monitor outgoing activity in an attempt to detect and block worms and other malware. An example of a personal firewall is the capability built in to the Mac OS X operating system.

When the user enables the personal firewall in Mac OS X, all inbound connections are denied except for those the user explicitly permits. Figure 11.2 shows this simple interface.

The list of inbound services that can be selectively reenabled, with their port numbers, includes the following: Personal file sharing (548, 427) Windows sharing (139) Personal Web sharing (80, 427) Remote login - SSH (22) FTP access (20-21, 1024-64535 from 20-21) Remote Apple events (3031) Printer sharing (631, 515) IChat Rendezvous (5297, 5298) ITunes Music Sharing (3869) CVS (2401).
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