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VIEW FROM THE STREET using barcode maker for .net framework control to generate, create gs1 datamatrix barcode image in .net framework applications. WinForms In our own less scien datamatrix 2d barcode for .NET ti c survey of colleagues, friends, and their colleagues and friends, we found that the younger the respondent, the more likely he or she was to be a music downloader, as shown in Figure 7 4.14 Our data con rm that the front-line position has been taken by youth in the war of intellectual property.

Even so, the real surprise here may be that so many middle-aged and even older people also download. In the movie, Dude, Where s My Car , Jesse and Chester are two young guys whose partying the night before was so intense that they can t remember where they parked their car. Their quest in the movie is to nd it, ll in the memory gaps from the night before, and make up with their angry girlfriends the behavior of.

13. To paraphrase, wi th apologies, Sir Francis Bacon. 14.

See 3, Us Against Them , for more information on the survey. These results mean that 95 percent of the respondents to the survey who were under 18 years of age had downloaded music, not that 95 percent of all kids that age had done so or that 95 percent of music downloaders are under 18..

DUDE, WHERE S MY MP3 <18 18-24 25-34 35 -49 50-64 >65 12% 30% 48% 61%. 95% 91%. Figure 7 4 MP3 downloaders by age. simple organisms. Alo datamatrix 2d barcode for .NET ng the way, of course, they save the world from an alien invasion.

Just as Jesse and Chester didn t realize where their search would lead them, today s youth didn t intend to change the music world, set intellectual property law on its ear, or pit hardware companies against software and content companies. Youth may also be the vanguard of the downloading trend because they are generally more technically adept, but in truth they simply wanted easier access to more music (and movies, games, and software). Yet in so doing they have characterized a whole new generation of computer users.

. IT S NOT JUST MP3S While Napster was str gs1 datamatrix barcode for .NET ictly designed for sharing MP3s, later lesharing programs like KaZaA and dozens of others were designed. PIRATES OF THE DIGITAL MILLENNIUM Type of File Movies Adult XXX Movies Games Programs Ebooks MP3s Number 8,257 6,534 4,935 4,7 53 735 84,562. Figure 7 5 Downloads available at a German site. to share any les. An d le-sharing tools abound, from Bearshare, which makes using the Gnutella network easier to use, to eDonkey, which allows users to access les before they are done downloading, to Earthstation, which offers user anonymity. To date, however, most downloads are still music.

At one German le-sharing site we sampled in 2003, we found the types of les shown in Figure 7 5. One of the reasons MP3s are so popular, of course, is that they take less time to download. A typical MP3 song is 3 4 MB of data, about the equivalent of a 300-page term paper, and takes just minutes to download over a campus network.

Movies often take hours. This will not be true forever. In 2003, a new le-sharing technique caught on which relies on a le transfer protocol, created by former hacker Bram Cohen, that splits les into smaller parts and distributes them across multiple computers.

Called BitTorrent, it s referred to as a swarming, gathering, and scattering le transfer protocol where the unused bandwidth of network users is tapped to speed downloads across the net. BitTorrent has legitimate uses such as software distribution but now is more often used to distribute pirated TV shows and movies. The odd thing is that the more users there are online, the faster the downloads.

. DUDE, WHERE S MY MP3 <18 18-24 25-34 35 -49 50-64 >65 7% 19% 15% 28%. 36% 41%. Figure 7 6 Movie downloaders by age. The impact on the mov VS .NET data matrix barcodes ie and TV business could be immense. Wired called BitTorrent Napster for the Movies, and already European broadcasters who pay to distribute U.

S. TV shows six months to a year after they rst appear in the States have found their shows on the Internet months before they are ready for European distribution. Once again, youth leads the way.

Drawing on our survey of the fall of 2003, as shown in Figure 7 6, we nd that college (and grad-school) aged young people are the most likely to download movies. Our data were not too different from some collected in a more rigorous study by the BSA. Conducted for the BSA by IpsosInsight and published on September 16, 2003,15 the study found that while 64 percent of students downloaded music without paying for it, 25 percent downloaded movies without paying for.

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