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Parameters and Variables 303 using barcode printing for iphone control to generate, create code128b image in iphone applications. Visual Studio .NET 2003 When CDPATH or iPhone USS Code 128 cdpath is not set and you specify a simple filename as an argument to cd, cd searches the working directory for a subdirectory with the same name as the argument. If the subdirectory does not exist, cd displays an error message. When CDPATH or cdpath is set, cd searches for an appropriately named subdirectory in the directories in the CDPATH list.

If it finds one, that directory becomes the working directory. With CDPATH or cdpath set, you can use cd and a simple filename to change the working directory to a child of any of the directories listed in CDPATH or cdpath. The CDPATH or cdpath variable takes on the value of a colon-separated list of directory pathnames (similar to the PATH variable).

It is usually set in the ~/.bash_profile (bash) or ~/.tcshrc (tcsh) startup file with a command line such as the following:.

export CDPATH=$HOME:$HOME/literature Use the followi iPhone code 128c ng format for tcsh:. setenv cdpath $HOME\:$HOME/literature These commands code 128 barcode for Objective-C cause cd to search your home directory, the literature directory, and then the working directory when you give a cd command. If you do not include the working directory in CDPATH or cdpath, cd searches the working directory if the search of all the other directories in CDPATH or cdpath fails. If you want cd to search the working directory first, include a null string, represented by two colons (::), as the first entry in CDPATH:.

export CDPATH=::$HOME:$HOME/literature If the argument iPhone code 128 code set c to the cd builtin is an absolute pathname one starting with a slash (/) the shell does not consult CDPATH or cdpath.. Keyword Variables: A Summary Table 8-5 prese iPhone code 128b nts a list of bash keyword variables. See page 371 for information on tcsh variables. .

Table 8-5. Variable BASH_ENV CDPATH COLUMNS FCEDIT HISTFILE bash keyword variables Value The pathname of iPhone barcode code 128 the startup file for noninteractive shells (page 272) The cd search path (page 302) The width of the display used by select (page 427) The name of the editor that fc uses by default (page 312) The pathname of the file that holds the history list (default: ~/.bash_history; page 308) The maximum number of entries saved in HISTFILE (default: 500; page 308) The maximum number of entries saved in the history list (default: 500; page 308). HISTFILESIZE HISTSIZE 304 8 The Bourne Again Shell Table 8-5. Variable HOME IFS INPUTRC LANG LC_*. bash keyword va iPhone Code 128 Code Set B riables (continued). Value The pathname of barcode 128a for Objective-C the user s home directory (page 297); used as the default argument for cd and in tilde expansion (page 84) Internal Field Separator (page 301); used for word splitting (page 341) The pathname of the Readline startup file (default: ~/.inputrc; page 321) The locale category when that category is not specifically set with an LC_* variable A group of variables that specify locale categories including LC_COLLATE, LC_CTYPE, LC_MESSAGES, and LC_NUMERIC; use the locale builtin to display a complete list with values The height of the display used by select (page 427) The pathname of the file that holds a user s mail (page 299) How often, in seconds, bash checks for mail (page 299) A colon-separated list of file pathnames that bash checks for mail in (page 299) A colon-separated list of directory pathnames that bash looks for commands in (page 297). LINES MAIL MAILCHECK MAILPATH PATH PROMPT_COMMAND ANSI/AIM Code 128 for Objective-C A command that bash executes just before it displays the primary prompt PS1 PS2 PS3 PS4 REPLY Prompt String 1; the primary prompt (page 299) Prompt String 2; the secondary prompt (default: "> "; page 300) The prompt issued by select (page 427) The bash debugging symbol (page 410) Holds the line that read accepts (page 448); also used by select (page 427). Special Characters Table 8-6 lists most of the characters that are special to the bash and tcsh shells. Table 8-6. Character NEWLINE Shell special characters Use Initiates execu tion of a command (page 282) Separates commands (page 282). Special Characters 305 Table 8-6. Character () (( )) & . > >> < << Shell special characters (continued) Use Groups commands barcode 128a for Objective-C (page 284) for execution by a subshell or identifies a function (page 327) Expands an arithmetic expression (page 338) Executes a command in the background (pages 134 and 283) Sends standard output of the preceding command to standard input of the following command (pipe; page 283) Redirects standard output (page 126) Appends standard output (page 130) Redirects standard input (page 128) Here document (page 429) Any string of zero or more characters in an ambiguous file reference (page 138) Any single character in an ambiguous file reference (page 137) Quotes the following character (page 46) Quotes a string, preventing all substitution (page 46) Quotes a string, allowing only variable and command substitution (pages 46 and 292) Performs command substitution (page 340) Character class in an ambiguous file reference (page 139) References a variable (page 290). ...

. [] $ . # {} : ( iPhone code-128c null builtin) (dot builtin). Executes a comm and (page 274) Begins a comment (page 281) Surrounds the contents of a function (page 327) Returns true (page 455) Executes command on right only if command on left succeeds (returns a zero exit status; page 466). && (Boolean AND) . ! $() []. (Boolean OR) Ex USS Code 128 for Objective-C ecutes command on right only if command on left fails (returns a nonzero exit status; page 466) (Boolean NOT) Reverses exit status of a command (not in tcsh) Performs command substitution (preferred form; page 340) Evaluates an arithmetic expression (page 338).
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