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$ crontab -l > newcron $ vim newcron ... $ crontab newcron use iphone code 128 barcode development tomake code 128 code set b in objective-c GS1 Bar Codes Glossary 652 cut Selects characters or fields from input lines cut [options] [file-list] iPhone Code-128 The cut utility selects characters or fields from lines of input and writes them to standard output. Character and field numbering start with 1..

Arguments Options The file-list is a list of code 128 code set c for Objective-C ordinary files. If you do not specify an argument or if you specify a hyphen ( ) in place of a filename, cut reads from standard input. Under Linux, cut accepts the common options described on page 603.

Options preceded by a double hyphen ( ) work under Linux only. Options named with a single letter and preceded by a single hyphen work under Linux and OS X. c clist Selects the characters given by the column numbers in clist.

The value of clist is one or more comma-separated column numbers or column ranges. A range is specified by two column numbers separated by a hyphen. A range of n means columns 1 through n; n means columns n through the end of the line.

. characters=clist delimiter=dchar d dchar Specifies dchar a s the input field delimiter. Also specifies dchar as the output field delimiter unless you use the output-delimiter option. The default delimiter is a TAB character.

Quote characters as necessary to protect them from shell expansion.. fields=flist f flist Selects the field s specified in flist. The value of flist is one or more commaseparated field numbers or field ranges. A range is specified by two field numbers separated by a hyphen.

A range of n means fields 1 through n; n means fields n through the last field. The field delimiter is a TAB character unless you use the delimiter option to change it. Specifies ochar as the output field delimiter.

The default delimiter is the TAB character. You can specify a different delimiter by using the delimiter option. Quote characters as necessary to protect them from shell expansion.

. output-delimiter=ochar --only-delimited s Copies only lines conta iPhone code128b ining delimiters. Without this option, cut copies but does not modify lines that do not contain delimiters..

Notes Although limited in functi iPhone code 128 barcode onality, cut is easy to learn and use and is a good choice when columns and fields can be selected without using pattern matching. Sometimes cut is used with paste (page 784). For the next two examples, assume that an ls l command produces the following output:.

$ ls -l total 2944 -rwxr-x r-x -rw-rw-r--rw-rw-r--rw-rw-r--rw-rw-r--rw-rw-r--rw-rw-r--. Examples 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. zach zach zach zach zach zach zach pubs 259 Feb 1 00:12 count out pubs 9453 Feb 4 23:17 headers pubs 1474828 Jan 14 14:15 memo pubs 1474828 Jan 14 14:33 memos_save pubs 7134 Feb 4 23:18 tmp1 pubs 4770 Feb 4 23:26 tmp2 pubs 13580 Nov 7 08:01 typescript. The following command outp iPhone code 128 barcode uts the permissions of the files in the working directory. The cut utility with the c option selects characters 2 through 10 from each input line. The characters in this range are written to standard output.

. $ ls -l cut -c2-10 otal 2944 rwxr code 128b for Objective-C -xr-x rw-rw-r-rw-rw-r-rw-rw-r-rw-rw-r-rw-rw-r-rw-rw-r--. The next command outputs t he size and name of each file in the working directory. The f option selects the fifth and ninth fields from the input lines. The d option tells cut to use SPACEs, not TABs, as delimiters.

The tr utility (page 864) with the s option changes sequences of more than one SPACE character into a single SPACE; otherwise, cut counts the extra SPACE characters as separate fields.. $ ls -l tr -s " 259 countout 9453 headers 1474828 memo 1474828 memos_save 7134 tmp1 4770 tmp2 13580 typescript " " " . cut -f5,9 -d" ". The last example displays a list of full names as stored in the fifth field of the /etc/passwd file. The d option specifies that the colon character be used as the field.
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