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Download at WoweBook.Com using none togenerate none in web,windows applicationqr code printing c# Practical Virtualization Solutions itf14 FIGURE 7-10. Inspecting the VM inventory. Customizing Virtual Machines With the VM still none none powered off, you can edit the VM settings or properties by selecting Settings in the Actions menu. All editable settings for the VM are displayed in a new window, as shown in Figure 7-12. Fortunately, the Settings screen is self-explanatory.

For each hardware type, there is a full explanation of your options for adding or changing a setting for the VM. One of the best features of Hyper-V is the capability to change the BIOS attribute of boot order from this screen. As you can see from Figure 7-12, the current setting is to Boot from CD, which is handy for the first boot to installation media.

In contrast, in other virtualization software applications, you have to power on the VM and act quickly to enter the BIOS to make this same change. For more detailed instructions in how to proceed through the installation, consult the Appendix, Virtual Machine Installation. .

Download at WoweBook.Com Microsoft Hyper-V FIGURE 7-11. Connecting to the VM s console. VIRTUAL MACHINE FILES AND FOLDERS The default locati none none on for VM virtual hard disk files is your chosen location for your VMs. For example, D:\VM, as shown in the previous section, is the repository we selected when building the VM..

File and Folder Security Security on files none none and folders in Hyper-V is standard Windows security. The VM files are owned by Administrator or by the user that creates the VM..

File Names and Roles Hyper-V virtual ha none for none rd disk files are named with the same convention as Virtual PC virtual hard disk (.vhd) files. Unlike Virtual PC (covered in 6), Hyper-V doesn t make use of the VM configuration (.

vmc) files. Instead, it uses cryptically named XML files to hold the VM configuration information..

Download at WoweBook.Com Practical Virtualization Solutions FIGURE 7-12. Editing VM settings. SUMMARY Hyper-V ushers in none none a new era of Windows virtualization a la Microsoft. For Windows virtualization, there might be nothing better, but recently Microsoft has made agreements with Red Hat and Citrix to ensure cross-compatibility that many enterprise users demand from such a product. This new era of forced compatibility with nonMicrosoft operating systems might be exactly what systems integrators and resellers historically have wished for.

Only maturity and third-party management applications will make Hyper-V the enterprise tool that developers and marketers foresee it becoming. Hyper-V is easy to install and use, but only time will tell if it is capable of usurping market share from its competitors..

Download at WoweBook.Com CHAPTER VirtualBox Sun Microsystems i none none s no stranger to virtualization. First came operating-systemlevel virtualization in the form of Solaris Containers, and Zones, in Solaris 10 in 2005. In February 2008, Sun acquired Innotek, a German software developer, and with that its x86 virtualization software package, VirtualBox.

Sun rolled VirtualBox into its xVM group, which consists of four x86 virtualization technologies: xVM Server (a bare-metal hypervisor), xVM Ops Center (a data center automation tool), Sun VDI software (a desktop virtualization offering), and xVM VirtualBox. VirtualBox can be configured for server, desktop, and embedded environments. It is available in an open source version (in both executable and source code) and a commercial version (via RDP Server, USB support, USB over RDP, and Serial ATA controller).

VirtualBox at the time of this writing is in version 2.2. It is available for Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and OpenSolaris hosts and supports myriad guest operating systems, including Windows (NT 4.

0, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, and Windows 7), DOS/Windows 3.x, Linux (2.4 and 2.

6), Solaris and OpenSolaris, and OpenBSD.. THE VIRTUALBOX SERVER CONSOLE The VirtualBox Ser none for none ver Console, also known as the VirtualBox graphical user interface, is a very attractive console possibly one of the most attractive and intuitive out there. Although this isn t a review, per se, it bears mentioning that VirtualBox is visually pleasing and easy to use. The designers of VirtualBox thought out the detail, color, and layout of the product from top to bottom, as Figure 8-1 demonstrates.

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