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PORT use awt datamatrix integrating toencode data matrix barcodes with java Microsoft Office Development. Microsoft Office 2000/2003/2007/2010 NMap Results for Windows 2003 Active Directory Server Scan PROTOCOL STATE SERVICE VERSION 53 88 135. tcp tcp tcp Open Open Open Domain kerberos-sec Msrpc Microsoft DNS Kerberos-sec RPC Download at WoweBook.Com Server Virtualization in Action TABLE 9-2. PORT Continued PROTOCOL STATE SERVICE VERSION 139 389 445 464 593 63 6 1025 1027 3268 3269. tcp tcp tcp tcp tcp tcp tcp tcp tcp tcp Open Open Open Open Open Open Open Open Open Open netbios-ssn Ldap micro applet ECC200 soft-ds kpasswd5 ncacn_http Tcpwrapped Msrpc ncacn_http Ldap Rpcbind RPC RPC over HTTP LDAP RPC over HTTP LDAP Directory Services. Table 9-3 is an NMap scan of a Windows 2003 system default installation. TABLE 9-3. PORT NMap Results for Windows 2003 Server Scan PROTOCOL STATE SERVICE VERSION 135 139 445 1025 1026. tcp tcp tcp tcp tcp Open Open Open Open Open Msrpc netbios-ssn microsoft-ds Msrpc ncacn_http Directory Services RPC RPC Although this is not a book on security, it bears mentioning that ports 135 and 445 should be blocked from the Internet. Port 445 is deeply embedded in Windows and is almost impossible to turn off without negative consequences, so your best option is to block it via firewall. Port 135, on the other hand, may be turned off without ill effects.

At a minimum, it should be blocked via firewall from the Internet. When it comes to Internet security, you should expose only those ports that need exposure. After you have removed any offending services from your system, it s ready for business as a dedicated virtual server.

. Download at WoweBook.Com Practical Virtualization Solutions DEPLOYING SERVER APPLIANCES Related to dedicated v irtual servers are server appliances. Server appliances are open source (usually) VMs created for a specific function. They are downloadable VM images that serve as web database servers, blog servers, content management system application servers, and even file and print servers, to name a few.

They are designed to be smaller and to perform a singular function, which makes them perfect candidates for projects that would otherwise require a physical system that would likely be underutilized. Server Appliances are ready to use as soon as they re downloaded, unzipped, and opened in your virtualization software console. Table 9-4 lists some sites from where you can download server appliances:.

TABLE 9-4. SITE NAME Websites Offering Downloadable Server Appliances URL DESCRIPTION Jumpbox ThoughtPolice Open source server app datamatrix 2d barcode for Java liances VMware images of popular open source systems Offering specialized open source server solutions VMware and community server appliances. VirtualAppliances VMware SERVER APPLIANCES: A WORD OF CAUTION Server Appliances must javabean datamatrix 2d barcode be subjected to the same rigorous security sweeps and pruning as other servers. Don t trust them just because they are prepackaged..

ADJUSTING AND TUNING VIRTUAL SERVERS The next item of busin Java DataMatrix ess you ll need to tackle for your dedicated VMs is adjusting and tuning. You ll need to do this after the system has been up and running for a few weeks so that you ll have a feel for baseline performance. You need to monitor performance with a performance-monitoring tool such as Orca (www. orca)..

Download at WoweBook.Com Server Virtualization in Action Tools like Orca give y ou a continuous (hourly, daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly) view into system performance. Not only can you keep an eye on performance peaks and valleys, you can also determine the best times for backups and maintenance. You ll also know when to add more RAM, more disk, more CPU, or even another VM to share the load.

So how do you tune a VM The answer is, almost the same as a physical machine. . Adding RAM can be the 2d Data Matrix barcode for Java easiest way to boost performance in physical and virtual systems. Your host system must have sufficient RAM for itself plus enough to run each guest efficiently and have room for growth. Often, but not always, adding more RAM can refresh sluggish systems.

RAM is a cheap commodity and it has the highest performance boost per dollar of any performance enhancing adjustment. However, RAM is not always the culprit, as 12, Form-Factor Choices and Their Implications, will discuss, and adding RAM without knowing the root cause could have little impact..

Virtual Machine Add-ons or Tools Adding your chosen pla data matrix barcodes for Java tform s VM tools is often ignored as a performanceincreasing tweak. After installation, even before patching or updating, you should install the VM tools. Your overall experience with the VM s performance will increase.

Drivers in these tools and add-ons boost and optimize video performance, as well as enhance mouse performance and transitions between host and guest, and deliver time synchronization improvements between host and guest..
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