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To Edit a Script use j2se ean13 maker tocompose ean13+2 with java rfid E From the menus choose: File Open Script... 628 46 Figure 46-4 Opening a script file E Select the Sc EAN-13 for Java ripts folder. E Under Files of Type, select SPSS Script (*.sbs).

E Select the script you want.. If you open more than one script, each opens in its own window. Script Window The script wind ow is a fully featured programming environment that uses the Sax BASIC language and includes a dialog box editor, object browser, debugging features, and context-sensitive Help.. 629 SPSS Scripting Facility Figure 46-5 Script window As you move the cursor, the name of the current procedure is displayed at the top of the window. Terms colored blue are reserved words in BASIC (for example Sub, End Sub, and Dim). You can access context-sensitive Help on these terms by clicking them and pressing F1.

Terms colored magenta are objects, properties, or methods. You can also click these terms and press F1 for Help, but only where they appear in valid statements and are colored magenta. (Clicking the name of an object in a comment will not work because it brings up Help on the Sax BASIC language rather than on SPSS objects.

). 630 46 . Comments are di splayed in green. Press F2 at any time to display the object browser, which displays objects, properties, and methods..

Script Editor P UPC-13 for Java roperties (Script Window). Code elements i n the script window are color-coded to make them easier to distinguish. By default, comments are green, Sax BASIC terms are blue, and names of valid objects, properties, and methods are magenta. You can specify different colors for these elements and change the size and font for all text.

. To Set Script Editor Properties E From the menus choose: Script Editor Properties Figure 46-6 Editor Properties dialog box E To change the color of a code element type, select the element and choose a color from the drop-down palette. 631 SPSS Scripting Facility Starter Scripts When you create a new script, you can begin by choosing from a number of starter scripts. Figure 46-7 Use Starter Script dialog box Each starter sc javabean EAN-13 Supplement 5 ript supplies code for one or more common procedures and is commented with hints on how to customize the script to your particular needs.. Delete by label. Delete rows or columns in a pivot table based on the contents of the RowLabels or Co EAN/UCC-13 for Java lumnLabels. In order for this script to work, the Hide empty rows and columns option must be selected in the Table Properties dialog box..

Delete navigator items. Delete items from the Viewer based on a number of different criteria. Footnote. Reformat a pivot table footnote, change the text in a footnote, or add a footnote. Reformat by lab els. Reformat a pivot table based upon the row, column, or layer labels. Reformat by value.

Reformat a pivot table based upon the value of data cells or a. combination of data cells and labels. Reformat misc pivot. Reformat or change the text in a pivot table title, corner text, or caption. 632 46 . In addition, yo UPC-13 for Java u can use any of the other available scripts as starter scripts, although they may not be as easy to customize. Just open the script and save it with a different filename..

Creating a Script E From the menu EAN/UCC-13 for Java s choose: New Script E Select a starter script if you want to begin with one. E If you do not want to use a starter script, click Cancel..

Creating Autoscripts You can create jsp EAN-13 Supplement 2 an autoscript by starting with the output object that you want to serve as the trigger. For example, to create an autoscript that runs whenever a frequency table is produced, create a frequency table in the usual manner and single-click the table in the Viewer to select it. You can then right-click or use the Utilities menu to create a new autoscript triggered whenever that type of table is produced.

. Figure 46-8 Creating a new autoscript 633 SPSS Scripting Facility By default, eac h autoscript you create is added to the current autoscript file ( as a new procedure. The name of the procedure references the event that serves as the trigger.

For example, if you create an autoscript triggered whenever Explore creates a Descriptives table, the name of the autoscript subroutine would be Explore_Table_Descriptives_Create.. Figure 46-9 New autoscript procedure displayed in script window This makes auto scripts easier to develop because you do not need to write code to get the object you want to operate on, but it requires that autoscripts are specific to a given piece of output and statistical procedure.. To Create an Autoscript E Select the ob ject you want to serve as a trigger in the Viewer. E From the menus choose: Utilities Create/Edit Autoscript. If no autoscrip ean13+5 for Java t exists for the selected object, a new autoscript is created. If an autoscript already exists, the existing script is displayed..

E Type the code. E From the Edit menu, choose Options to enable or disable the autoscript. 634 46 . Events that Trigger Autoscripts The name of the EAN 13 for Java autoscript procedure references the event that serves as the trigger. The following events can trigger autoscripts:.
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