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Like any highway, there s a lot of people all trying to get to the same place and things can get jammed solid, so while the person with the slow modem is gazing at his screen for some sign of information arriving, the person with the fast modem is doing just the same. But, when everything s running smoothly, a 56Kbps modem is streets ahead of a 28.8, and digital access such as Home Highway (explained later in this chapter) is far better than analogue.

. At the moment, the fastest modems shift data around at a maximum speed of 56Kbps (56 thousand bits per second). There have been slower models available in the past (28.8Kbps and 33.

6Kbps could still be bought until recently) but the price of the 56K modem has fallen to rock bottom, so no-one s building the slower models any more, other than as PC Card devices for notebook computers. Slower modems really are a false economy: if you connect to the Net for more than a few minutes a week at these speeds you ll be miserable. Most new desktop computers come with a built-in modem (some notebook and handheld computers do too), but if you do have to buy one, avoid anything slower than a 56Kbps model.

You ll also get a choice between an internal and an external model. Although the external modem is slightly more expensive I d go for it every time. It s much easier to install (just plug in the phone cable, serial or USB cable and main plug), and the lights on the front make it easier to tell what s going on.

. 1 . Your Connection To The Online Universe Internet Access Account With all the neces sary hardware bits and bobs in place, the final thing you need is a way to connect to a computer that is a part of the Internet. There are hundreds of companies in the UK who specialize in selling dial-up links to the Internet via their own computers, so the next step is to choose one of these companies and set up an account with them. This leads to the final decision you have to make: do you want an account with an Internet service provider (often just called an ISP) or with an online service .

Online Services And Internet Service Providers What s The Difference The most important thing that Internet service providers and the major online services have in common is that they both let you connect to the Internet. It s the way they do it and what else they have to offer that makes them different, along with their methods of deciding how much you should pay. Let s take a look at the two options and the pros and cons of each.

. Online Services You may have heard of the big three online services, America Online (AOL), CompuServe (CSi), and the Microsoft Network (MSN). In fact, if you buy computer magazines, you re probably snowed under with floppy-disks and CD-ROMs inviting you to sign up to one or other of these. One of the main plus-points about these online services is the speed and ease with which you can sign up: just this one disk and a credit or debit card number is all you need.

But don t confuse online services with the Internet itself. An online service is like an exclusive club: once you subscribe you ll have access to a range of members-only areas such as discussion forums, chat rooms and file libraries. Although you can escape to the Internet from here, non-members can t get in.

You won t find much in the members-only areas that you can t find on the Internet itself, but online services do have the combined benefits of ease of use, online help if you get lost, and a friendly all-in-one program that lets you reach everything you need. Although the Internet certainly isn t the chamber of horrors that some newspapers would have you believe, there s little control over what gets published there; online services carefully filter and control their members-only content, making them the preferred choice for getting the whole family online..

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