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9 is generate, create qr code iso/iec18004 none in java projects Elipse BIRT Project (26"\ 26! 6!20!. 2!8! -. . The numb qr codes for Java er of combinations of letters of the alphabet taken six at a time is 26 25 24 23 22 21 6.5.


. The numb er of ways to put three identical marbles into ten boxes is the number of ways of selecting three of ten boxes: t10(10)i-10! 103.2.

8 = 120. 9. 3!7!. . The number of ways to choose two kinds of drinks from a dozen different kinds is (12). 12 11. 2!10!. . The numb er of ways to choose five people from a group of 32 is t32) (32 32!. 5!27!. 32 .31 .30 5=.


29 28. 5 4 3 2 I. =201,376.. The distin ction between permutation and combination is the distinction between order and selection. Box 1, box 2, box 4 is one combination of boxes; box 2, box 1, box 4 is the same combination, but a different permutation. A permutation takes order into account; a combination involves only selection.

. 7.2 Combinations There are (352) = 201,376 ways to choose five people from 32, but 5! x 201,376 = P(32, 5) lines of five people which can be formed from a group of 32, a much larger number, because order is important in a line. The line Ruby, Mary, Colin, Tom, Eileen is different from the line Mary, Tom, Eileen, Ruby, Colin, although these two selections of people are the same. Mr.

Hiscock has ten children but his car holds only five people (including driver). When he goes to the circus, in how many ways can he select four children to accompany him PROBLEM 9. In how many ways can 20 students out of a class of 32 be chosen to attend class on a late Thursday afternoon (and take notes for the others) if (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) Paul refuses to go to class Michelle insists on going Jim and Michelle insist on going either Jim or Michelle (or both) go to class just one of Jim and Michelle attend Paul and Michelle refuse to attend class together .

Solution. QR-Code for Java (a) The answer is (0) = 84,672,315 since, in effect, it is necessary to select 20 students from the 31 students excluding Paul. (b) Now the number of possibilities is (") = 141,120,525 since 19 students must be chosen from 31.

(c) The answer is (31) = 86,493,225, it being necessary to choose the remaining 18 students from a group of 30. (d) Let J be the set of classes of 20 which contain Jim and M the set of classes of 20 which contain Michelle. The question asks for IJ U MI.

Using the Principle of Inclusion-Exclusion, we obtain IJ U MI = IlI + IM -I n M = q. (31) + (31). _ (13). = 195,747,825.. An alterna QR Code for Java tive method of obtaining this answer would be to count separately the cases-Jim (but not Michelle) goes to class, Michelle (but not Jim) goes to class, both Jim and Michelle go to class-and add the results. (This follows because IJ U MI = lJ \ MI + IM \ J1 + II n MI.) We obtain.

(3) (1) 30. + (30). = 2(54,627,300) + 86,493,225 = 195,747,825, as before. Yet anothe QR Code 2d barcode for Java r method would be to subtract from the total number of possible classes of 20 the number containing neither Jim nor Michelle. This gives (3) _ (30) = 225,792,840 - 30,045,015 = 195,747,825..

(e) Using the formula IJ (DMI = IJI + IMI 2(3) = 109,254,600.. 21 n Ml, w tomcat Quick Response Code e obtain (1) + (1)9-. (f) The nu mber of classes containing Paul and Michelle is (30) by part (c), so the number which do not contain both is (20) ( = 139,299,615.. 7 Permutations and Combinations Alternativ ely, observe that this part asks for l(P n M)ri = [PC U MCI (by one of the laws of De Morgan). So the answer is I. PI I MC m I pc nM =
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